Titans on Colts’ score: Derrick Henry rolls over as Tennessee and comes in first with a win over Indianapolis

The Tennessee Titans posted a statement win in Week 12, as they finished first in the AFC South with a 45–26 win over the Indianapolis Colts. Both teams scored a touchdown on their first two possessions, but then Derrick Henry fully captured the game. He finished with 178 yards and three touchdowns on 27 carries, and all three of those scores with 140 yards came in the first half. Titans wide receiver AJ Brown also had a big game, as he caught four passes for 98 yards and a touchdown. He also played the onside kick for a late touchdown in the fourth quarter.

The Colts struggled on either side of the ball on Sunday. Phillip River was inconsistent, completing 24 of 42 passes for 295 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. The ground game never took place, as did Nyham Hines running for just 29 yards in 10 carries, while Jordan Wilkins ran 22 yards in six carries. The Titans had apparently avenged their minds after losing to the Colts by just 17 points two weeks earlier, and their efforts on Sunday put them on the driver seat of the AFC South.

Why did the titans win

This is not a very difficult question to answer. The colts have Single player is given more than 100 yards only Three times in the last three seasons: Henry. The reigning champion has run for more than 100 yards in seven matches this season – leading the league. Her size and speed can be classified as cruel and unusual punishment at times, and she was on full display this Sunday. When you are able to establish the tempo, keep the drive alive and then draw big gains on the ground, you have a great chance of winning the ball game. This is why the Titans center their game plan around Henry, and this is why they are in prime position to win the AFC South for the first time since 2008.

Why did the colts lose

Sunday was not much right for the Colts, so it is difficult to blame just one player or one position group for this loss. Clearly, he struggled to get Henry involved, as he got everything he had on the ground all the game. Anthony Castenzo was injured in the first half from Star Left tackle, which hurt the offensive line and the entire offense. There were also some issues with watch management. With the conclusion of the second quarter, the Colts went out for three more in just 28 seconds and gave Tennessee the ball back with 1:13 to go before the ball. The Titans quickly stepped into the fray and scored a touchdown that extended the lead to 21 points. The Colts secondary gave up several big plays during the match, as Brown scored a 69-yard touchdown and Corey Davis also registered some big plays – including a 37-yard catch. Rivers was also wrong, as he threw a slant pass behind the wide receivers and also threw an interception while attempting to go deep.

One of the most telling figures, however, was the Colts’ third-down conversion rate. He placed just 5 of 13 in third place – notable given the Titans’ worst third-down defense in the league.


Down 21 points with six minutes remaining in the third quarter, the game was not yet out of reach for the Colts. The last time the Colts played the Titans, Indy came away with 21 points in the second half to run away with a win, so another comeback was not out of the realm of possibility. Rivers tried to bring up Cult’s next drive with a deep pass to Zac Pascal, but instead, it was deflected by Bron Borders.

After this interception, Stefan Gostkowski took a 24-point lead on a 49-yard field goal.

Game play

What Can Brown Do For You? When you think about the crime of the Titans, you’re naturally going to take a picture of Henry, but Brown also deserves credit. The second-year home run hitter is a threat to gain the distance he gets a touch at any given time, and that’s exactly what he did at the end of the first quarter on Sunday. Tannehill threaded the needle and then Brown overtook everyone else.

Brown played another incredible game late in the game as part of the hands team. He attempted a reverse kick from 42 yards home, which would wrap up the win with one of the rarest touchdowns you’ll see in the NFL. The players make plays.

What will happen next

The Titans return to Nashville next week, and they will host Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns. The Colts hit the road for another divisional matchup, as they are slated to play Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans. They are coming off a big 41-25 win over the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

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