Titans inhibit a person’s movements on Vikings Titans positive COVID-19 tests

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This season, for the first time, the operations of NFL teams are being positively affected by COVID-19 tests.

Three players and five other personnel tested at the Titans were positive for COVID-19, NFL Network reported. As a result, both the Titans and the Vikings (who played the Titans on Sunday) are suspending the man’s club activities.

As per NFL guidelines, players and personnel who test positive. Those who were in close contact with the players and personnel who tested positive would need to test negative before participating in any club activities.

There is no word yet on the identity of the players or personnel who tested positive.

The Titans hosted the Steelers on Sunday, while the Vikings traveled to Houston to play Texas. So far there is no indication that either of those games will be affected, but a major outbreak could put the schedule in question.

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