Tired of Waiting: Ohio State Stars Get Out, Go to Draft

Playing a football season slipping away with the possibility of a Big Ten conference, two of Ohio State’s best players have opted out and start preparing for the NFL Draft.

Cornerback Shawn Wade, a Precision All-American in the 2021 draft and a potential first-round announcement, announced his decision on Twitter Monday, saying the Big Ten waited too long to decide what to do. Wyatt Davis, an offensive guard who is another potential first-round pick, announced his decision on Friday.

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“I came back to get my degree and play another season and win the national championship,” Wade Said in his tweet. “But when the Big Ten canceled, I was still focused on the game, but I felt they had been holding for so long, I felt that it was the best decision for me to announce for the draft and Let the draft go with the preparation. ”

Wade’s father was one of football’s parents, who accused him of persuading the Big Ten to play in a fall season. Big Ten school presidents met on Sunday, but a person with information about when to start next season and not to vote told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity, because Big. Ten were not returning to the competition.

“I should be in the middle of preparing for my game this week,” Davis said. In my twitter Post on friday. “Instead, due to the events of 2020, I spent the last weeks with my family and coaching staff to try to determine my future.”

All eyes will now be on quarterback Justin Fields, who could be one of the top pickets in the 2021 draft, even though he is playing another bottom of the football for Buckeye. Fields has not commented publicly about his condition recently.

The time is slipping for players to choose with the defunct Big Ten and Pac-12 teams, who now have to watch teams from other conferences – including the SEC and the ACC – who decided to go ahead with their seasons.

Because of COVID-19 concerns and how football can be played safely, the Big Ten postponed its entire fall sports season to August 11. The emergence of the daily rapid response COVID-19 test, is not available when university leaders decided to pull the plug on the season, now a massive loop.

If the president votes to start by the end of October, an eight-game season and conference championship game are still possible in mid-December. That schedule may constitute Big Ten teams to be part of the College Football Playoff.