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When you want Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, any of the best streaming sites, which can be accessed from your TV, Amazon's Fire TV device is the device for you. The Fire TV bar allows you to put the Internet and all your best video offers directly into your living room, and with our practical tips and tricks to use it, you will never want to part with it.

The Fire TV device comes with all kinds of functions that you may not be familiar with right away. Along with the hundreds of applications available to you, and the 500,000 episodes of television and movies to watch, as well as access to live television, Amazon Fire TV support comes with some technological features that make it one of the best things for the transmission. , and much less one of the best ways to transmit on your television.

Next, we've put together a list of our 5 favorite features and tips for the Fire TV bar. Keep reading to see what you may be doing with your device or to see if this is the device for you. We are sure that you will like what you find!

1. Search by voice

One of the few difficult parts to use a transmission device with your TV is to write. Most people do not have a keyboard that is compatible with their TV, so they have to write letter by letter with the remote control. That is not the case with the latest version of Fire TV. With the Voice button on top of the remote control, you show any program or application you want to see, just by asking!

With the voice search feature, your Fire TV device gives you access to Alexa, the Amazon AI that usually exists in your Echo products. Alexa can search your Fire TV for any application you want, or find a TV show or movie you want to watch within any of those applications, and even find a specific episode or something, or a list of options based on the gender you say. aloud.

Voice features also allow you to pause, rewind, fast forward or play an episode, all without using your remote control. You can even play music through your Fire TV device, and control it with the Voice feature, and get food through it. Yes, using voice search, you can put sandwiches in your Amazon cart and even order a pizza directly from Dominos. Basically, just the Voice button can give you an amazing movie night, and we're only in the first tip.

2. Use Alexa

Do not have the Voice button on your Amazon Fire TV remote control, but you still want all those great functions of the Voice buttons? It is not necessary to obtain a new Fire TV stick, just connect your Amazon Echo device to your TV fire!

Just make sure your Alexa application and your TV Fire device have the latest software updates, and follow the instructions here to link your devices. Once they are linked, you can talk to Alexa and have her search for movies for you, find specific series, control the reproduction while you watch. Alexa can also switch between channels when watching live TV within Fire TV applications, and can open applications from games that you have also downloaded.

Obviously, this suggestion is very much linked to the first, but it is good to know that you can improve your Fire TV experience with products that you already own, and it is a very useful feature. Also, when you use an Alexa device instead of a remote control, you should never worry if you lose your remote control. You will always have access to your TV! And if that is not an incentive for you, it is clearly better to follow your things than most of us.

3. Turn off targeted advertising

Broadcast devices in general allow viewers to reduce ads, but not eliminate them altogether. For many applications, advertising revenue is the way they survive, so there is only one amount that we all have to tolerate.

However, Amazon has now made it possible for this ad to look a bit more private in the Fire TV bar. As of the software update, you can now choose not to receive interest-based ads, or ads that play based on what you are seeing in different applications. What you see allows advertisers to form a profile on you to predict what you want, which can lead to many ads being repeated while it is being broadcast and, in general, making your viewing less private.

For more privacy, make sure that your Fire TV is updated to the correct software and that "Ads based on interests" in your Settings is "Off". Without that, your ads will be more random and there will be less data to mine from you in the world. If you like privacy, this is an excellent option to have in a streaming device.

4. Configure parental controls.

Your Fire TV bar has so many programs and movies available to you and your family, including your little ones, that you may need a few more years before you see something with an R rating. Fortunately, Amazon allows you to set up parental controls directly on your Fire TV stick

Fire TV's parental controls allow you to make certain applications inaccessible without a PIN that you determine, and can block movies and TV shows with particular ratings within Amazon and some other streaming services. Therefore, if you want to prevent movies with R or Mature ratings from playing without supervision, you can do it; just follow the instructions to configure it here.

If you just want to keep your little ones from spending too much money on rentals and purchases of movies and TVs, parental controls can also make all purchases require a PIN. This PIN can also be transferred to your children by purchasing physical items from Amazon, which allows you to save costs and unexpected long-term purchases.

A note about this function: once the parental controls are enabled, the purchases are automatically protected with PIN and the content clbadified as Teen and Mature is automatically blocked. All this can be adjusted in the parental control settings, but it's good to know what to expect when you turn it on for the first time, especially if you are trying to watch a program on your own after the little ones are in bed.

5. Use your photos as a screen saver on your TV

With the Fire TV lever, you can access your Amazon photos, which you can store in the Amazon cloud as part of your Amazon Prime subscription. To see your photos on your Fire TV the way you see them on your computer or phone, simply go to the Amazon Photos Settings application, an application that comes pre-downloaded on your Fire TV device. Select "Access Amazon Photos," then "Enable Amazon Photos" to view the images attached to the Amazon account that has signed in to your Fire TV device.

Once these images are accessed, you can play them at any time as a slide show in the Amazon Photos application. This can be great for showing holiday photos to your friends and family, but you can also make the photos act on your screen saver when your Fire TV is on, but is not currently in use. Simply go to Settings, then "Screen and sounds". Select "Screen saver" and "Album" to select the series of photos that will be played when you stop watching for one minute, or have Amazon Music play through your TV.

You can even set the time that the screen saver stops on the photos, the appearance of the transitions and the time it takes to activate the screen saver. And you can mix the images in the album, so it's never the same twice. This can be a fun function at parties, or simply a way to appreciate your photos more frequently, and perhaps make you want to take them more often.

Bonus: Calibrate your screen

The Fire TV bar has many cool features, we could not stop at just five. Another great thing you can do is calibrate the screen of your television so that the visualization is the best possible.

Sometimes, you may be missing sections of the screen while you watch something. The video may be too broad, or things seem to get lost in the top and bottom. You can use the Calibrate screen tool in the Fire TV bar to solve this problem. You can find the tool in your Settings, under "Screen and sounds". Select "Screen", then "Calibrate screen" to start playing.

There will be four gray arrows on your screen, or at least some of them. Press the up and down buttons on the remote control of your Fire TV until all the gray arrows appear, and touch the edges of the screen. That should make anything you play on your Fire TV work now perfectly with your screen, with no more automatic scales.

These calibrations can also be done with voice commands. Simply follow the onscreen instructions once you have opened the Calibrate screen tool through your remote control or your Alexa device, and you are ready to go!

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