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The kits from the Norwegian manufacturer Allwood Solvalla cost $ 7,250

The Allwood Solvalla cabin kit (Credit: Allwood Outlet and iStock)

The Allwood Solvalla cabin kit (Credit: Allwood Outlet and iStock)

The Amazon effect has reached the small domestic market. A kit to build a small studio-style hut sold out almost instantaneously after its publication in the e-commerce giant went viral.

The manufacturer of the cabin kit has been restocked since then, but the sale earlier this month may be a sign that the small domestic market is growing.

Allwood Solvalla markets her $ 7,250 studio cabin as a garden guest house that two people can build in eight hours.

When it was built, the Norwegian wooden cabin spans 172 square feet, including an indoor bedroom and an outdoor covered terrace. The interior room is nine feet high and nine feet wide, so it's big enough for a futon, maybe a couple of chairs, but not much more. It does not contain bathroom or kitchen.

Although Allwood Solvalla designed his DIY studio cottage for guests, it can also be an alternative for people struggling to buy a conventional house.

"Many are willing to give up the surface if it's the opportunity to live in the neighborhood they want," said Inman Kalena Masching, a Redfin agent in Silicon Valley. "The inhabitants of the west coast are adopting a more minimalist lifestyle, and also dealing with some of the highest house prices in the country."

Amazon declined to quantify its sales of the Allwood Solvalla cabin kits and did not say whether it planned to market similar DIY homes in the future. [Inman] –Mike Seemuth

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