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YOU. The surprised wife Tiny Harris with a huge necklace of diamonds and rubies. But he hid it in the bottom of a badtail, so she had to drink to find his 44th birthday present.

YOU. Y Tiny Harris They are so adorable The tip is always great when it comes to their lavish romantic birthday gifts and, for their 44th trip around the sun on July 14, they bought their royalty-eligible jewelry. In an Instagram video he showed the huge diamond necklace with rubies surrounded by dripping diamonds. The couple were in a bar celebrating their birthday with friends and Tip had the bartender hide the necklace at the bottom of Tiny's orange badtail so he could not see it.

In the video, Tip, 38, led the toast for Tiny's birthday and everyone jingled on the glbades. Then he asked, "Was your last drink so heavy?", Since there was such a great brightness in the background that she could not see. Tiny finally picked him up to see that there was a different kind of ice on his bad, but her husband told her he had to drink to get there.

The badtail must have been pretty strong because Tiny took a drink and put his hand to his mouth to take away the taste of alcohol. Finally, he used a straw to lift the necklace from the bottom of the glbad and, once he saw it after taking it off, Tiny was filled with joy. She jumped up and gave Tip a big hug and a kiss. The final scene of the video shows the glow around her neck and the sacred cow that is a beautiful necklace. YOU. really outdone himself

The board wrote lovingly next to the video: "It's a pleasure to show up and get going for the queen." Each and every year … Happy birthday Mrs Harris We are all grateful and blessed to have them in our lives, reminding us that the Life is for laughter and life, I am convinced that your cup runs with All my love, Forever more … Side note: The best is yet to come … No turning back Jack! TUH? No in MY watch? … HellisYouSayin FOOL??!?! #HappyBirthdayMrsH ??❤️??? #NobodyDoesItLikeBigDaddyHarris ".

Tiny responded in the comments by saying: "I love you so much … Thanks for all the amazing surprises you've created for my birthday and all the infinite love you give me!" Very grateful for your great head? I am even happier with what is to come, but nothing is better to spend my life with you! You already know … but you are the great dad of Muthafukn Man. "Despite some difficult times in the past, the love of Tip and Tiny has never been stronger.

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