Tiny California Town Flattened by “Wall of Fire”; 10 dead, 16 missing – deadline

Two years ago in a scene that brought back the campfire nightmares, the small town of Berry Creek was demolished by the North Complex Fire near Auroville in Northern California.

“We had a huge wall of fire that came in to destroy everything that came in its way and, unfortunately, there were some communities on the way, just as it happened in Paradise and Concho during the campfire , “Cal Fire spokesman Rick Carhart said on Thursday.

Others were not so lucky. According to several local reports, the Battee County Sheriff indicated that 10 out of 16 people died, still missing. Thus the blaze has blackened 247,358 acres. It is fought by over 1600 fire personnel.

California’s Largest Fire Hour Recorded Now Burning North of San Francisco

According to Cal Fire, the eight-mile-long flank of the flame, formerly known as Bear Fire, swept up the mountainous areas and surrounded the cities of Berry Creek, Feather Falls and others. The firefighters spent Tuesday through Wednesday so as to engage in life and evacuation operations there would not be much of fighting hell.

Firefighters rescued more than 100 residents, but by the time they did, a Kaal fire hand crew was battling the explosion. According to the agency, the unexpected wind and “extremely erratic” fire behavior implicated the crew. The fire captain in charge was eventually able to evacuate his crew from the situation with only two minor injuries.

City photos of Berry Creek scorch the trees and go to the foundation of the house after the house is burned.

Photographer Jason Pearce of Sacramento Bee told Wednesday that I have seen only three houses standing. “Dozens of homes and businesses are destroyed. Every house is just dust. ”

A local reporter for the Chico Enterprise-Record named Caco Dorhalli said, “The city has been leveled. One firefighter said they rescued a hundred people from the bear fire, including the victims of the burn.”

The city’s only store, Village Market, was burnt down.

California currently faces three of the four largest fires in its recorded history. While the North Complex Fire described above is the 10th largest fire ever recorded in the state, the August Complex, SCU Complex fires and the LNU Complex fires are all numbers 1,3 and 4 – and are still burning. Collectively they killed 7 people, destroyed more than 1,700 structures and scorched more than one million acres of forest.

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