Time to get serious about the Deshaun Watson trade rumors (with the Jets?)

A respected Houston reporter has spread a very specific rumor about the Deshaun Watson trade.

A very specific Deshaun Watsono commercial rumor has beenn bakilled by a respected Houston reporter.
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John McClain has been covering the NFL in Houston since the Oilers were there, and he’s not someone who’s associated with throwing things out to see if they hold up.

In other words, when McClain starts talking about the Deshaun Watson negotiation, it’s time to pay attention. And now McClain is talking about Deshaun Watson negotiates.

McClain’s column reads in a way that looks a lot like it was obtained directly from the Texans main office. They don’t want to trade Watson, but if the quarterback makes it clear that he has Without intention dressing again for Houston, the team may not have a choice.

Really, when was the last time you saw a piece of trading speculation as detailed as this one?

The Jets could start with [Sam] Darnold, his first round picks this year (second and 23 overall) and his first and second round picks in 2022. It would be three one, one two, Darnold and perhaps defensive end Quinnen Williams.

It is not the first time that Williams’ name has appeared in trade rumors, to the point that go out publicly and said he would be disappointed to be traded and wants to play his entire career in New York. Still, the nature of the report (Darnold, very specific picks, and “maybe” Williams) is a level of proposition that is usually broadcast on a message board or from a radio caller, not from a serious columnist presenting a similar scenario for the Dolphins.

John McClain is not the type to spread rumors for no reason.

John McClain isnot the type to throw arouand rumors without cause.
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The way to translate this is that McClain most likely received word from within the organization from Texans about what they will be looking for when they begin actively seeking to negotiate with Watson, if they have not already done so.

It is not about someone taking risks. When McClain writes that it’s time for Texans to listen to the offers for Watson, that means it’s time we really started giving credence to the notion that Watson will actually be traded.


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