Tim Scott: stalled police reform legislation is a ‘shame’

South Carolina Senator Tim ScottTimothy (Tim) Eugene ScottBiden on Trump sharing a video of a protester yelling “white power”: “chose a side” Tim Scott: Reformed police legislation stalled a “shame” Trump retweets, then deletes a video that includes the protester yelling “white power” ‘MORE, the Republican who heads the police reform bill in the Senate, said Sunday it is a “shame” that his bill is stalled by partisan differences.

“I hope to have a conversation later this week with some of the House leaders on the legislation, because if there is a way forward, we should find it. But what we cannot do is eliminate Republicans in the House and have Democrats in the Senate say that I am not interested in having a conversation about a bill that has so much in common, “Scott said in the” State of the Union “of CNN.

“It is certainly a pity that the average person in this nation does not benefit from the parts of the bill that both parties agree on at the moment, and not have to wait until November to make it an election year issue,” Scott added.

He said the position in the legislation is “unfortunate for children who walk the streets, jog, drive on the road.”

“I want to help those children. I am an African American who has had that experience … So, I hope to have a conversation with my House colleagues who have been very serious … But we cannot do something if the Democrats in the Senate are more interested in politics presidential that they are getting something really finished this year, “he added.

Scott added that he has been speaking to the representative. Karen bassKaren Ruth Bass Tim Scott: Police reform legislation stuck, a “crying shame”, GOP seizes “strip police” to galvanize James Carville base in Biden VP election: I wouldn’t mind if it was Sarah Palin, “I just want to win this thing.” ‘ PLUS (D-Calif.), Principal Sponsor of the House of Representatives bill, and he is “serious about doing something.”

The House passed a police reform bill on Thursday, but the bill is going nowhere in the Republican-controlled Senate. Meanwhile, in the Senate, Democrats blocked the bill headed by Scott, who is the only black Republican senator.

When asked if he could have lobbied Republican senators for a more aggressive police reform bill, Scott said “that’s the amendment process.”

“You start in a position where you are willing to negotiate on what is in the best interests, not of Republicans or Democrats, by the way, but of real American citizens who feel that their lives are in danger. That is what my bill wanted to face, ”he said. “And that is what much of the House bill wanted to face. And then the question: the answer to the question is yes, without any question. We had an opportunity. “