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Tillerson opens summit with one vote to keep pressure on North Korea

Speaking in Vancouver at a meeting with foreign ministers, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the United States rejects a "freeze-to-freeze" approach that would suspend Korean joint US military drills. UU In exchange for a break in North Korea's nuclear program. (The Washington Post)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Tuesday that the United States will not stop joint military exercises with South Korea in exchange for North Korea freezing its nuclear weapons program, and He promised to continue tightening Pyongyang economically and diplomatically until he gives up his search.

"We must increase the costs of the regime's behavior to the point where North Korea presents credible negotiations," Tillerson said at the opening of a summit of 20 nations discussing ways to toughen economic sanctions against Korea from North. "The objective of the negotiations, when we arrive, is the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of North Korea."

Tillerson appeared with a visual aid, a map showing air traffic in Asia in one day. Hundreds of yellow icons on the map represented aircraft, which according to the Federal Aviation Administration had more than 150,000 seats within range of the missiles.

"Because of his past recklessness," Tillerson said, "we can not expect North Korea to have any consideration of what might interfere with one of its missiles, or parts of a missile that are broken."

Vancouver summit was convened to explore ways to toughen sanctions against North Korea and discuss the maritime indication of ships transporting material to the country. The sanctions of the United States allow countries to seize vessels believed to be involved in helping the smuggling of North Korea. The United States wants to obtain support for a blacklist of these ships so that they can be banned from entering ports around the world.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks with the Foreign Minister of South Korea Kang Kyung-wha during the Foreign Ministers Meeting on Security and Stability on the Korean Peninsula in Vancouver on January 16. (Ben Nelms / Reuters)

The Foreign Minister of South Korea, Kang Kyung-wha, welcomed the participation of North Korea in the next Olympic Games. "We hope that the momentum for the commitment continues well beyond Pyeongchang," he said.

But Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono warned against the deception of North Korea's talks with the South, which are represented as part of a campaign to achieve sanctions relief.

We should not be naive about his intention, "he said." Nor should we be blinded by North Korea's charm offensive. In short, this is not the time to relieve pressure or reward North Korea. "

The summit, in a convention center overlooking the Pacific, highlights Tillerson's efforts to use diplomacy to reduce tensions with Korea North Korea on its nuclear weapons, which leader Kim Jong Un boasted he is capable of reaching anywhere in the US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis accompanied Tillerson to a welcome dinner on Monday night, his presence served as a reminder that military options are still on the table.

The dichotomy of the diplomat and the general underlines the difficulty faced by many foreign governments in trying to discern whether hawks outweigh the voices in favor of diplomacy in the administration Trump and if the world can be on the verge of nuclear war.

Tillerson and Canadian Chancellor Chrystia Freeland will co-host the summit, which includes representatives of 20 countries that sent troops or humanitarian aid under a UN effort to repel the North during the Korean War from 1950 to 1953. But two key players were excluded: China and Russia, who supported the North and now sit in the Security Council of the UN. Both share a border with North Korea and are crucial to any attempt to apply UN sanctions and cut their trade.

Their exclusion limits the ability of the conference to reach broad agreements on additional sanctions, and has shocked both countries. 19659003] Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters on Monday that the meeting was "destructive" and taunted the guest list, some of which are small countries peripherally involved in the confrontation with Pyongyang.

"When we heard about the meeting, we asked: Why do all these countries need together?" Said Lavrov. "Greece, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, what do they have to do with the Korean Peninsula?"

China dismissed the summit as "meaningless" and said the solution lies in the dialogue with the Kim regime, not in the attempts to "blindly resort to pressure and isolation". [19659003] The United States says the summit serves to show Pyongyang the global extent of the effort to isolate North Korea through punishments unless it agrees to negotiate its nuclear program.

State Department officials said the United States and Canada will inform China and Russia in the talks after the meeting. But Lavrov said Russia had already rejected the offer to Canadian officials.

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