Tiktok’s Charlie D’Amelio is bringing his entire family to Hulu with a new reality series

Hulu has ordered a new reality series around Tikulok’s royal family – Charlie, Dixie, Mark and Heidi D’Melio – hoping to capture a bit keeping up with the Kardashians Done for e! Back in 2007.

D’mello show Is an eight-part documentary series that will follow four family members as they learn about their day-to-day lives. Expect the type of mindless people who work for Ticktock Dancing, Ticktock Drama, meetings with executives all over Hollywood, and other reality shows after popular reality shows. It will be the first film in 2021.

For the D’Melio family, this is just another project they are adding to their list, including podcasts, a YouTube channel, advertisements, television specials and more. Like his first Kardashis, D’Amilio famously saw an opportunity to build an empire, which he did not join. For example, Charlie has over 100 million followers on TeakTok – the highest on the app. However, for Hulu, D’mello show An essential addition to the lineup of reality shows and documentary series is that the streamer is banking on it.

D’mello show Join our growing slate of documentaries about the human experience and we join the D’Amelio family to give the audience an authentic look at the complex lives of these two concerned young women who are at the helm of social media algorithms. Belisa Balaban, vice president of documentaries in Hulu, is incredibly excited to partner.

More recently, Hulu announced that it signed extensively with the Kardashian family for new material (not) keeping up, Which was announced by the family) was ending. Hulu also has reality shows like Taste the nation with Padma Lakshmi, Eater’s Guide to the World, More upcoming series Next thing you eat From david chang And Planet sex With Cara Delevingne.

(Disclosure: Eater is a Vox Media brand and sister site The ledge.)

The most popular is the Tickcock family, available in special series for Hulu that helps with that growing material; An area that Netflix has also invested heavily in over the years as the genre grows successfully. With Discovery Plus launching in just a few weeks, it will give Hulu some space to compete in the documentary and reality TV arena, which owns Discovery (TLC, Food Network, HGTV).

Whether or not D’mello show Winds up being a cultural success keeping up with the Kardashians In its earlier seasons, it depended on whether people would want to see the De-Amélio family in a longer, more narrative-driven place, instead of just 60 seconds at a time on their phones.

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