TikTokker shared a dangerous video of himself stepping out of a spunky drink: ‘Protect each other’

Tiktok video of a woman showing herself passing on the street after drinking spiked drinks has gone viral with her positive message.

A Tikoto user, known as Solo Steph, wrote that two people bought drinks for him and his friend at one time last year.

“I drank it, he didn’t take it,” she wrote on the video.

Using TIKTOK to use video to reduce the incidence of molestation among women.

The video then switches to a clip, which he wrote that just five minutes later. It shows him slumped against a concrete road barrier and then slips to the ground, one hand a drink cup and the other like a pillow under his head.

Solo Steph said in the comment that the men followed “a solid 15 minutes out” with her and her friend, until she joined two of her male friends.

The video was part of a trend on users’ social media platforms, reminding them how to protect themselves and friends in bars or parties.

“It was a scary experience,” she wrote.

The video was part of a trend on social media platforms that taught users how to share reminders on how to keep themselves and friends safe at bars or parties, with users sharing their own experiences Huh. Many video rappers use the song “No Rasta” from Kendrick Lamar’s 2012 song “Money Trees” to provide an example of someone refusing to hand over a drink to a stranger.

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The viral video has drawn thousands of comments.

Solo Steph, who identified BuzzFeed News as Stephanie Tavares, said the response to her video has been mostly supportive. However, there were many commentators who were blaming him for taking the first drink.

“Why [the f—] Would you accept drinking alcohol from a stranger? One person criticized.

Nevertheless, she said she believed it to be a positive trend because it is bringing awareness to the issue of spiked drinks and guarding beverages against fangs, Buzzfeed reported.

“I wanted to remind people that it’s not just a strange trend, that it’s a real serious issue with dangerous consequences,” she told Buzzfeed.

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