TikTok users rejoice over Oracle deal, but saga with Trump isn’t over

TikTok has been targeted by the Trump administration as it is owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance.

Angela Lang / CNET

Austin Benji on Sunday quipped on Tickcock after news broke that Oracle had signed a deal aimed at preventing short-form video apps from being banned in the US.

In a video shared with his 310,600 followers, Benzie, who identifies himself as politically conservative, reveals that Oracle President Larry Ellison is also a conservative who supports President Donald Trump.

“Benji says in the video,” This is a big win for conservative Ticketok users as we are banned from the shadows, and re-shadowed over the years. “So guys, TikTok is not going to be banned and I’m so glad Oracle won this bid war.” (The shadow ban involves suppressing or deleting content without alerting a user and is a constant complaint on social media platforms. Tiktok did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the shadow ban.)

Tiktok’s deal with Oracle, which sells enterprise software, has evoked mixed reactions due to the Trump administration’s connection to Apple’s users. The CEO of the company that served on Trump’s transition team, Safra Katz, also has ties to the administration. But there is one thing that TechTalkers from all political circles are happy about: Hopefully the deal will save the app.

Short video app with full video after the announcement of the deal. Some TikTokers busted blissful dance moves, a favorite of users. Others just shouted happily as they announced that the app would not be banned.

The online celebration underscores TikTokers commitment to the app, which is used by an estimated 100 million Americans, even if the victory dance is premature. Little is publicly known about the deal, which is about the technology services Oracle provides, which is intended to address US national security concerns about Tiktok, owned by Chinese tech giant BiteDance Is in The company will reportedly also take a stake in TikTok but will not buy the entire operation. It is unclear what happens to TickTalk’s algorithm, code that users are credited with keeping hooked by distributing videos that match their tastes.

The expected structure of the deal appears to be lower than the requirements, which the Trump administration placed in a pair of executive orders. The August 6 executive order barred US companies from doing business with BiteDance or its subsidiaries, citing national security concerns. Tiktok could be effectively banned on 20 September if a deal falls through. An order issued on 14 November directed ByteDance to “divest all interests and rights” in property and assets that support Teaktok’s US operations. 12. The White House did not answer questions about the orders.

The proposed deal between Tittock and Oracle is still to be evaluated by the US government. The committee will be reviewed by the committee that oversees foreign investment in the US this week, and then presented to the president with recommendations, Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin told CNBC Monday morning.

“We will review this with their technical teams and our technical teams to see if they can make the representations we need,” Mochin said of Oracle’s role in the deal.

He also told the trade news network that the deal included a commitment to build a US-headquartered global Tickcock business that would employ 20,000 people.

The deal left some observers, including former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos. “A deal where Oracle takes hosting without source code and significant operational changes will not address any legitimate concerns about TikTok,” Tweeted Stamos, now at Stanford University.

Tiffany Lee, a technology advocate and visiting professor at Boston University School of Law, said she thinks Tiktok will continue to work in the US.

The executive order, she said, could be repealed, amended or reinterpreted by the Trump administration.

“Now that a Trump-friendly company has taken over the post, I’m willing to bet there is a high potential for a situation in which Tikok will not be banned,” she said.

The deal does not alleviate national security concerns about Tiktok because ByteDance is maintaining its level of control over the app, Lee said. The Trump administration stated in its orders that Tiktok raised national security concerns because it could be used by the Chinese government to spy on US federal employees.

Some Republican lawmakers are already urging the administration to reject the deal.

“Regardless of the reason, the available evidence forces only one conclusion: Bytdance has no intention of relinquishing Tiktok’s ultimate control,” Sen. Jose Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, said in a statement. “ByteDance, as Ticketok’s parent company, will remain subject to Chinese laws that endanger the data of Americans.”

TikTok has pushed back against accusations that the app is a national security threat and vowed it would never pass US data to the Chinese government. Also, the company said it felt the partnership with Oracle would address concerns raised about the app.

“This proposal will enable us to continue to support our community of 100 million people in America who love Tickcock for connections and entertainment, as well as hundreds of thousands of small business owners and producers who want to develop their lives and build meaningful lives Rely on Tickcock to do it. ” Career, ”TikTok said in a statement.

Oracle’s political connections to the Trump administration, however, are already rubbing some Tiktok users the wrong way. In February, Ellison hosted a fundraiser for Trump, indicating backlash by some Oracle workers.

A TikToker using the @Lord_tomothais handle said in a video that he thought it was a “mess” Microsoft lost the bid. Users, who have more than 152,000 followers on the app, have expressed support for Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden.

“They’ll probably kill this stage. It’ll probably bleed the creators, and we’ll see,” @lord_tomothais says. “So for now, there is no restriction on TikTok … but we’ll see how they ruin this application.”

Other US users didn’t care who won the Tiktok bid as long as the app went online.

Corey McKendy, who has 2 million followers on the Tickcock account @koriee_me, posted a video of himself performing an energetic happy dance to pop music.

Ticketok user Mechanady wrote in the caption of his video, “Oracle is coming with the clutch.” “I got hyped when I got the news.”