TikTok Users Amazed By Man’s ‘Amazing’ iPhone Organizing Trick: ‘Wait, Is This Real?’

A new TikTok hack shows users how to move apps on an iPhone much faster than the “traditional” way.

The Life Hack is courtesy of user Kevin Francis, who garnered over 1.5 million views on his video showing the hack.

“You learn something new every day,” Francis wrote in his video.

In the clip, Francis shows the ease with which iPhone users can use the hack to rearrange their home screens. You start your video by clicking and holding an app that you want to move. That, as any iPhone or iPad user knows, makes all the apps on the home screen move, which means they can be moved.

Francis then starts clicking several other apps on the same page, all while holding down the first app. Then it drags the first app to another page, revealing that all the apps it clicked on had gone with it.

The hack, in essence, gives users a way to move entire pages of apps on an iPhone at once. Naturally, many TikTok users were excited about that fact. Some called it “amazing”, “groundbreaking” or a great “time saver”.

“This is going to be a lot easier,” wrote one user.

“OMG, it works!” another added.

“Wait, is this for real?” another wrote.

Others, of course, were quick to say that they knew the feature existed. However, the good news with TikTok’s iPhone cheats is that they are practically endless. In the last few months alone, users have shared their tricks for playing music while recording videos, taking better vertical photos, and recording “secret” conversations with AirPods.

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