TikTok is running to stop the spread of a horrific video

Tiktok is trying to remove graphic videos circulating the app that show a man shooting himself with a gun, and ban accounts from people who re-upload the clip.

TikTok says that the clip was originally streamed on Facebook and has appeared on other apps. As the Tiktok community became aware of the clip, many creators began posting videos warning their followers to watch out for an image – a man sitting in front of his desk with his beard – and the video Was swiping away from. Other creators talked about the most distracting part of the video, hidden inside the more spontaneous-looking Ticketox. A representative from Tikotok confirmed The ledge He began airing “suicide clips” on Sunday nights.

Our system has automatically flagged these clips for violating our policies to detect and flag them, praise, glorify or promote suicide, ”the spokesperson said. “We are banning accounts that try to upload clips repeatedly, and we applaud members of our community who have reported the content and others for respecting a person and their family Warned against watching, engaging or sharing such videos on any platform. “

These types of videos have appeared on other sites in the past, including Facebook, Instagram and Reddit. Since TikTok videos have surfaced in a main feed – known as the For You page – from which people scroll, it can be difficult to avoid the footage. This may explain why the Ticktock community is trying to be extra vigilant about warning others about the imagery in the video. Warnings have also started appearing on Instagram, where clips of the video are broadcasting. On sites such as Twitter, parents have talked about their children and teenagers appearing in videos, and this has taken its toll.

“If anyone in our community is struggling with or is concerned about suicidal thoughts, we encourage them to ask for support, and we provide access to the hotline directly from our app and our security center, “The spokesman said.