Tigre leader of Ethiopia confirmed to missile in Eritrea

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – Ethiopia’s rebel Tigre region leader has confirmed missiles in neighboring Eritrea’s capital are threatening more, as a deadly escalation on the northern border between Tigray forces and the federal government comes as a big Crossing an international border marking the increase. .

In a phone interview with The Associated Press on Sunday, Tigray Regional President Debrecion Gebremikel did not say how many missiles were fired in the city of Asmara on Saturday, but said it was the only city in Eritrea that was targeted.

“As long as the army is fighting here, we will take any legitimate military target and we will shoot,” he said, accusing Eritrea of ​​sending troops to the Tigray region and that the Tigray territorial forces entered Eritrea.

He said, “We will fight them on all fronts.” He said that about 16 are fighting in the Eritrean division in what he called “full-scale war”.

The ongoing civil war in Ethiopia between a regional government that once dominated the country’s ruling coalition, and a Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister, whose sweeping reforms marginalized the Tigre region’s power, fractured a major US ally Could do and destabilize the Strategic Horn of Africa. With the ability to send scores of thousands of refugees to Sudan.

At least three rockets appeared at the airport The attack may come hours after the Tigray regional government warned on Saturday in the Eritrean capital, Asmara. It is alleged to have attacked Eritrea at the invitation of Ethiopia’s government following a cease-fire on November 4, with regional forces attacking a federal military base in the Pheasant region.

In a security alert, the US Embassy in Eritrea said that “a series of loud noises was heard in Asmara” on Saturday night, and “unconfirmed reports indicate they may have been explosive devices believed to be the Asmara international.” Are in the vicinity of the airport. There is no indication that the airport was hit. “

Tigre regional leaders would not say how many missiles their soldiers had at their disposal, but said “we have many. We can use it anywhere, selectively. When they are about to target Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa When asked, he replied: “I don’t want to tell you, but missiles are also long-range.”

Eritrean officials have not responded to requests for comment, and Ethiopia’s federal government had no immediate comment on the missile attack.

The Tigre leader said that he had no communication with the federal government of Ethiopia. The African Union is pushing for a cease-fire, he said, “but the Prime Minister is not ready to listen.” He believes in the strength he possesses. “They called it a” really messy situation that requires international intervention. “

Tigre’s heavily armed regional government split from Ethiopia’s ruling coalition last year, and it points to a postponement of national elections until next year, which extends Prime Minister Abi Ahmed’s rule. In September it held a regional election in defiance of Abhay.

Each side considers the other to be illegal, and the federal government now says that members of the ruling “faction” of the Tigray region must now be arrested and their well-stocked arsenal destroyed. Abi calls it “law enforcement action” while its military officers call it war.

The Tigre leader told the AP that he did not have the exact number of people killed in the fighting, but added that “there is a massive displacement. This fight is taking place on all fronts except for air strikes.” , “We have to defend ourselves, you know?”

The Tigray region lies between Ethiopia’s forces, Eritrea and Sudan, which has closed its border but allows refugees.

The Tigray leader said that his government, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, had no communication channel with Eritrea even before the conflict. The two sides are at odds over a long and deadly border war that ended after Abi took over in 2018.

Abi rejected a petition by the international community for an immediate de-escalation because his government refused to consider the TPLF as an entity.

Another senior TPLF officer Getachev Reda asserted in a statement posted on social media that the Prime Minister of Ethiopia “is now declaring support for the UAE drone based in Assab (Eritrean city) in its devastating war against the people of Tigray” Huh.” He provided no evidence to back the claim.

The United Nations and others have warned of a dangerous humanitarian disaster Approximately 25,000 Ethiopian refugees, hungry and scared, have fled the Tigre region into Sudan. Communications and transportation links with the Tigray region are almost completely cut off, and millions of people are threatened by shortages of food, fuel and other supplies.


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