Tiger Woods was found unconscious in his truck by a man who walked to the crash site, the affidavit says.

ROLLING HILLS ESTATES, California – A man found Tiger Woods unconscious in a wrecked SUV after the golf star crashed the vehicle in Southern California, authorities said in court documents obtained Friday.

The man, who lives near the site in Rolling Hills Estates, heard the accident and walked toward the truck, Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Johann Schloegl wrote in an affidavit.

The man told agents that Woods would not answer their questions.

The first deputy on the scene, Carlos González, said Woods was able to speak with him and answer basic questions. Woods later told officers that he did not know how the collision occurred and that he did not recall driving.

Law enforcement had not previously disclosed that Woods had been unconscious after the accident.

The information came in a probable cause statement requesting that a search warrant be approved for the Genesis SUV’s data recorder, known as a black box. Schloegl requested data from February 22 and 23. The accident occurred around 7 a.m. on February 23.

“I think the data will explain how / why the collision happened,” Schloegl wrote.

Sheriff’s representatives have declined to say what was discovered on the tape recorder.

The 2021 GV80 driven by Woods spun off a Los Angeles County highway and crashed on a downhill stretch known for accidents. The crash injured Woods’ right leg and required surgery.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva has said that Woods was driving only in good weather, there was no evidence of impairment and the accident was “purely an accident.”

Schloegl previously told USA Today that he did not seek a search warrant for Woods’ blood samples, which could be tested for drugs and alcohol. In 2017, Woods checked into a clinic for help dealing with prescription drugs after a DUI charge in Florida.

The lengthy surgery that followed the accident was to stabilize the broken tibia and fibula bones in his right leg. A combination of screws and pins was used for the ankle and foot injuries.

It was the 10th surgery of his career and came two months after a fifth back surgery. Regardless, Woods has never gone a full year without playing, dating back to his first PGA Tour event when he was 16 in high school.


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