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Tiger found in abandoned house in Houston


The concerned citizen claimed to have entered an abandoned house in Houston, Texas, to smoke marijuana and have found a tiger.

So, naturally, the authorities were suspicious.

"We asked them if they were under the influence of drugs or if they really saw a tiger," said the sergeant. Jason Alderete, of the Livestock Animal Cruelty Unit of the Houston Police Department, told CNN affiliate KTRK.
But once they arrived, police found a caged tiger in the garage of the house, according to KTRK.

The house had been abandoned for some time, said Alderete. But several packets of meat were found with the animal, KTRK reported.

The officers reassured the big cat, took it out using a wrecker and moved it to an animal shelter.

"We made arrangements for the tiger to be transferred to another facility that is licensed to handle exotic pets," the executive director of the Center for Animal Research and Education, Heidi Krahn, told KTRK.

"Finding a home forever for a tiger is not easy," he said.

And that's because tigers are not excellent pets, Krahn said.

"They are basically a loaded weapon that targets anyone who finds them," he said. "They can be extremely dangerous."

The case is still under investigation and it is not clear if the owner will face charges.

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