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Tiger found abandoned in vacant home in southeast Houston


Police say that someone who went to an abandoned house in southeast Houston to smoke marijuana ended up discovering a tiger inside her.

Senior criminals from the Houston Police Department, Animal Husbandry Crimes Unit, arrived on the scene and found a 1,000-pound tiger inside.

The cage that kept the animal closed was not big enough or tough enough for a creature of that size.

While the house was abandoned, several packages of meat were found with the animal.

"A concerned citizen called 311. They were trying to enter this house to smoke marijuana We asked them if they were under the influence of drugs or if they really saw a tiger They saw a tiger in this building, this vacant house that has obviously been abandoned for some time, "said the sergeant. Jason Alderete, of the Unit of Cruelty of Cattle Animals, Major Crimes of HPD.

Once the officers arrived and saw the animal, the challenge was to get it out.

First, they calmed the tiger and brought a wrecker to help get the big cat out.

Meanwhile, a crowd gathered to see everything.

Once the tow truck pulled the tiger out of a driveway, he was loaded onto a trailer where he was expected to be taken to BARC.

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