Ticketmaster fined $ 10 million to avoid being sued for hacking an opponent

Songkick allows artists to sell scheduled tickets before the sale of normal tickets, and the anonymous employee was also accused of sharing the URLs that led to the drafting of those ticketing pages. The Ticketmaster executive wanted the company to aim to “choke off” its rival and “steal one” [its] Signature customers, ”the prosecution wrote.


In January 2014, Coconpirator-1 emailed Zaidi and set several other Ticketmaster executive’s usernames and passwords for the toolbox. The Coconpirator-1 encouraged the authorities to “get the hell out of the screen from the system”, but also warned.I should emphasize that this is a live access [victim company] Tool I have to be careful what you click because it won’t be the best [to] Cheap that we are sniffing around.“(Emphasis in original.) The information in the toolbox was then used to prepare a presentation for other superiors that aimed to” benchmark “the ticket benchmark against the aggrieved company.

The DoJ said that information was also shared within Ticketmaster. “Ticketmaster’s staff shamelessly organized a division-wide ‘summit’ at which the stolen passwords were used to access the victim’s computer, as was an appropriate business strategy,” Dukarm wrote. “Ticketmaster used the stolen information to gain an advantage in his competition, and then promoted the employees who broke the law.”

In 2018, Ticketmaster paid Songkick $ 110 million in an agreement on a lawsuit alleging misuse of its market power to control ticket sales. Ticketmaster also paid an undisclosed amount to acquire Songkic technology and patents. During the trial, Songic also accused Ticketmaster of corporate espionage, which allegedly attracted the attention of the DoJ, new York Times.

The $ 10 million fine seems like a minor punishment given the charges filed and the fact that Live Nation saw $ 11.5 billion in revenue for 2019. However, the COVID-19 epidemic has caused a huge decline in the company’s business, compared to revenue of $ 184 million in Q3 2020. $ 3.8 billion in Q3 2019 – a decline of over 95 percent. A Ticketmaster spokesperson said in a statement, “Ticketmaster terminated both Zaidi and Mead in 2017 after their conduct came to light. Their actions violated our corporate policies and were inconsistent with our values. We are happy that this matter is now resolved. “

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