TI and Tiny are sued for defamation and TI does not appear in ‘Ant-Man 3’

TI and Tameka “Tiny” Harris attend the 2019 Black Music Honors on September 5, 2019.

TI and Tameka “Tiny” Harris attend the 2019 Black Music Honors on September 5, 2019.
Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty Images for the Black Music Honors (fake images)

Warning: This story contains details that are graphic and may trigger sexual assault survivors.

Ongoing claims against TI (born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.) and Tiny Harris (born Tameka Cottle) have been further escalated. Reports of letters written by attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn detailing allegations of “sexual abuse, forced ingestion of illegal narcotics, kidnapping, terrorist threats and false imprisonment” surfaced over the weekend. Eleven women have filed claims so far, all of which allegedly occurred between 2015-2018. Blackburn held a press conference Monday, reiterating his report and urging prosecutors to investigate the detailed allegations.

“These accusations are nothing more than the continuation of a sordid campaign of repression that began on social media and now attempts to manipulate the press and misuse the justice system,” said Steve Sadow, attorney for TI and Tiny, in that moment in a statement. .

On Monday, in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Atlanta businesswoman Sabrina Peterson, the first woman to charge the couple with assault, filed “two defamation claims, invasion of privacy, two claims of interference with an advantage economic potential and two claims of imposition of emotional anguish, for unspecified damages “, Vulture reports.

“One person’s choice of words, especially the words of public figures with millions of followers on social media, causes and has caused Ms. Peterson to suffer internal scars,” said legal representatives for the Peterson-based law firm. , California, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs. and New York-based TA Blackburn Law told Vulture in a statement. “These lewd words may not have caused physical harm, but they destroyed Ms. Peterson’s soul, reputation, and did irreparable damage to her business and brand. IT Tiny, not even Mrs. Jones can remove the doorbell. “

“Millisecond. Peterson is the definition of ‘libel evidence,'” Andrew Bettler, another attorney for the Harris couple, said in a statement to the Vulture. “He has a long list of criminal records for crimes involving dishonesty and violence. what our clients have said about her is defamatory. Ultimately, not only will Peterson’s meritless lawsuit be dismissed, but she will also be responsible for paying the legal fees that the Harrisons will be forced to incur in connection with she “.

Also on monday sources via Variety reported that IT would no longer play its role to Ant-Man 3. The 40-year-old rapper played the supporting character “Dave” alongside Paul Rudd in the last two films of the Marvel franchise. Despite the timing of the report amid the sexual assault allegations, sources said TI was never scheduled to return for the third installment.


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