Three things we learned from the loss of FSU in NC State

Florida State fall down North Carolina State 38–22 on Saturday evenings. Learn here three things learned from loss …

1. This defense is not getting better in enough areas

The growing pain was to be expected this season, especially as the FSU coaching staff committed to a full-fledged youth movement.

Physical limitations, drops, beaten punishments … These things are disappointing to watch, but I think rational fans can expect them to see a given FSU squad play longer games.

What is hard to digest, and concerning this, is how this squad is not progressing – or in just plain territory – in some areas … mainly to defend:

– It is inevitable to deal with. It was to be close to 20 missed tackles in the evening (I counted at least 5 on two second-half scoring drives for Neck State), with some just lowering their heads and hoping they would hit something. Brendan Gantt NC State had a bad fumble on short passes that turned into a 24-yard touchdown to take a 35-9 lead, but this is just one example of poor technique / control.

– Clarity in coverage. Lots of plays where NC State got a ton to throw the ball. Bailey Hawkman You should not carve as efficiently.

– Talking. Defense in particular. Players strike at opponents and sometimes at each other. They clap their hands loudly and speak trash, but there is much more bark than bite. Why the Travis Jay His way of talking to Hawkman after a touchdown run is beyond me. This is not a new problem for this team, but it is not better.

The energy and trench play was substantial on defense, but second-tier abortions and a general lack of discipline were brutal. Adam fuller There was a bad arm with this little kid, and the defense was put in a bad position over the last few weeks, but his unit – especially the secondary – had to show incremental growth when it dealt with the offense with a pulse. is. And that did not happen on Saturday as NC State skillfully conceded 413 yards of offense.

This group’s tendency to twist and bring back bad habits is disturbing. NC State scored a touchdown on the first drive of the game, the final drive before the half and the first drive of the second half (all drives were at least 7 plays and 50 yards) … they were not on limited offense or Special-teams blunders. Fuller’s defense will have to contend with the final two games of the season after next week’s bout Clemson To create some glimpse of confidence among the fan base.

2. You need to keep building the playbook with a pinch

Is he the savior who is going to make everything instantly better? No.

But is that your best shot to get a clear direction for the remainder of the year and possibly next season? Maybe.

Chubba Purdi He made some positive glimpses at the start of his first career, showing athleticism in pocket avoidance – 54 rushing yards – as a passer to avoid significant errors (he was 23 for 181 yards and 2 touchdowns, Although relatively safe throws). His ability to extend a play with his feet while keeping his eyes low is going to be a valuable feature.

The playbook was limited given the lack of extensive practice time, but it gives you enough to work with. Keep in mind the concepts you can run with him, and invest in developing the cheater.

On another note, it seems clear at this point that Tate roadmaker Not physically ready to play an important role. Lack of hand strength is a consistent barrier for him. Maybe it gets better over time, but that is a limitation right now.

3. Okay, now it’s rock bottom

Just kidding, I don’t think it’s under the barrel for the program.

How far the Miami game and FSU really competed in that competition (at least against Louisville and Pitt, you can point to a few plays that turned the game into a more fragile and underrated team) Still difficult.

But the fact is that readers constantly joked that I need to dust the Rock Bottom column from Game 2.

This is a complete reconstruction. The roster needs to be commissioned and upgraded. This is nothing new, so I struggle to say that this is something we learned this week, but those realities were definitely inscribed at home.

On a positive note: FSU outscored NC State 19–17 in the latter half. I don’t see it as a huge achievement, but I felt that the team might miss some time … and it hung in there. As noted below, there are some people who kept fighting till the end. There needs to be more like them, but these are building blocks culturally.

*** One fourth thing we learned: Some players also get credit for playing in trouble. On defense, Jarvis Brownlee Rally for the ball and working hard on special teams, stood out even before his insane blocking. INT was a great example of gripping someone and creating drama. …Robert cooper Several times were prominent in resetting the LOS. …Emmett Rice Constantly physical in attacking runs. …Amari Gaynor And Sidney Williams The initial clock flashed a few times. … on crime, Jashun Corbin Worked hard, as did the Ladinian web. And Purdy again showed some good toughness. … physical and active on special teams Wyatt Rector He also managed to get some space on the blocks when he came late in the game. …Ontario Wilson It was a good game. There are some others that I can revisit on this list, but these are the ones that stood out.

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