Three senators urge Amazon to stop selling products to avoid fire hazards

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Democratic senators Richard Blumental, Bob Menendez and Edward Markey wrote a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Friday, calling for an immediate halt to the sale of the company’s private-label AmazonBasic products that reportedly stemmed from an electrical malfunction. Are facing.

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The letter is in response to a CNN article published on Thursday claiming that Amazon has ignored security complaints and continues to sell potentially dangerous Amazon products.

The senators urged Amazon to stop selling any of its private-label products that are defective, to inform customers who purchased the products and work with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall them.

He called on Amazon to provide additional information about the safety of AmazonBasics products at the time of sale and to “prioritize customer safety over sales”, particularly during online shopping that grew during the coronavirus epidemic.

The senators slammed Amazon’s response to claims for personal damage and property damage, stating that “so far there is often inactivity and silence” and that the consumer notification and recall notice process is “too inadequate and curtailed.”

Blumenthal, Menendez and Markey wrote on Amazon to protect consumers from defective products, citing their 2019 letter, “We are shocked and say that Amazon has again failed to stop the sale of dangerous products, this time Full responsibility as a manufacturer of AmazonBasics brand bearing. “

Amazon told CNN in a statement on Thursday that “security is a top priority” and took a number of steps to ensure that Amazonix products are safe and high quality.

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CNN conducted at least 1,500 customer reviews for more than 70 items, describing products that caught explosion, fire, smoke or other risks. AmazonBasics offers budget-friendly products including consumer electronics, home appliances, household items and office goods. Senators wrote that Amazon claimed products that had not been removed that meet applicable security certificates. “However, if these products adequately meet safety standards, these products will not blow up and catch fire,” he wrote.

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$ 183.8 billion. According to Forbes estimates, he is the total wealth of Bezos, making him the richest man in the world.

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Letter to amazon

Dozens of Amazon’s own products have been described as dangerous – melting, exploding, or bursting into flames. Many are still on the market (CNN)