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The state of Florida used its length and athleticism to close Florida's No. 5 on Monday night when the Seminoles scored an 83-66 victory over their rival in the state. The Seminoles dominated the offensive glbad as the Gators that fired the cold could not gather much on the offensive side.

Here are three points of an impressive win as visitors to the state of Florida.

1. Terance Mann became The Man for Florida State

Most people focused on what Florida State lost with last year's team that entered this season. Losing players like Jonathan Isaac, Dwayne Bacon and Xavier Rathan-Mayes would damage almost any program. Fortunately for the Seminoles, the young Terance Mann has become a major threat to the offensive of the State of Florida.

A solid complementary scorer in recent seasons, Mann has become a talented offensive player for Florida State. Mann led the Seminole offense on Monday by finishing with 25 points and eight rebounds, doing whatever he wanted to get to the ring in certain possessions. While his perimeter bridge is still a work in progress, Mann has improved considerably as a pbader and his feeling of when to attack on the offensive side has been an important reason why the State of Florida has not missed a step. When entering the game on Monday, Mann shot 66 percent from the field and averaged 3.5 badists per game. It ends by contact and does many small things on both sides of the court.

The Florida State offense had more overall talent last season, but Mann is not forcing the appearance and dominating the ball like some of the Seminoles last season. If Mann plays like he did on Monday, Florida State can be a big threat in the ACC.

2. The Florida offense is brutal if they do not make three (19459005)

The Florida offense was terrible on Monday. Shooting just 6 of 25 from the three-point range, the Gators fought to generate much of the offense as their shots were not falling. Upon entering this game, Florida pitched 46 percent from the three-point range of the season.

If Florida's perimeter shots are not falling, who exactly is their goal scorer and how do the Gators consistently get balls? The Gators have often become the best scorers this season, but that did not help them at all against Florida State. Is the shooting of Florida at the beginning of the sustainable season? And if it is not, what are you going to do on the nights out of shooting?

With senior point guard Chris Chiozza (three points) unable to knock down the defense of the state of Florida, the Florida offense seemed to have some serious problems. [19659002] 3. Zone 2-3 of Florida State is very effective and Florida is bad against effective zones

Zone 2-3 of Florida State completely got rid of the offensive of Florida on Monday as the Gators had no idea what to do once the shots do not fall.

The awesome thing about the Florida state area is how much time and athleticism they can throw at you. With 10 players averaging at least 11 minutes per game, and with a front line that has a lot of size, the Florida state zone has a lot of activity that causes bad looks and turnovers. They slowly wear you down over the course of a game and also helped them secure a ridiculous 23 offensive rebounds on the other end.

And because Florida State has a lot of time and athleticism with its zone, Florida seemed completely lost in the offensive end as they could not shoot down. With Chiozza struggling to do anything, the Gators had no one who could create their own shot and could not find anyone who was effective in working in the middle of the Seminole 2-3 zone.

Rob Dauster of CBT even suggested placing Chiozza in the middle of the FSU zone so that his step and his float could go to work since nothing else would do the trick. The middle distance jumpers from Florida were unhappy and no one is a good pbader on the list other than Chiozza to move an area from side to side. Obviously, Florida can expect to shoot much better on most nights from the perimeter, but if they face an effective zone they need to have more answers than they provided on Monday.

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