Three more COVID-19 cases related to Australian Open

Melbourne, Australia – Three more people from the Australian Open have tested positive for COVID-19 in Melbourne, which has increased to 10 for the Grand Slam tennis tournament, starting on 8 February.

Victoria’s State Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville confirmed that new cases were revealed on Wednesday, adding that one of the cases the authorities “have great confidence” is a tennis player shedding the virus and is not contagious .

The player is already in a tough lockdown as they were flying to Melbourne with another positive case. The other two cases are a player and his supporting person.

Those 10 positive cases mean that a total of 72 players are in a rigorous lockdown after explaining the close contacts of those positives on three charter flights from Abu Dhabi, Doha and Los Angeles to Melbourne.

There were 17 tournament charter flights that arrived in Australia on three days last week to allow players and their teams to undergo a 14-day quarantine before the tournament.

Australian Open director Craig Tilley said 3,200 tests had been conducted on more than 1,200 players, support staff and tournament officials.

“We are in our sixth day and so far the numbers are very low and if they are active cases they go straight to the mid-hotel,” he told Australian Broadcasting Corp on Wednesday.

Tillie criticized what he said was a “minority” of players, who continue to complain about hotel quarantine conditions on social media.

“Culturally there is a different view of how the virus is managed,” he said. “We here in Victoria and Australia take pride in how we have done this and protected a community like ours. We will continue to do so. “

Tennis Australia has refused to provide The Associated Press with a list of 72 affected players, but many made their position known via posts on social media.

Australia’s international borders are mostly closed, though exempt under special circumstances. All arrivals must make mandatory quarantine.

The state of Victoria, which recognizes Melbourne as its capital, has accounted for 909 deaths in Australia from COVID-19, most of which occurred three months earlier during a deadly second wave, resulting in curfews for the city and There was a lockout.


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