Three Chicago police officers shot

One officer was shot in the chin and protective vest, another was hit in the hip and a third officer was shot in the protective vest, according to Brown. All three were rushed to hospitals with chest pain along with two other officers.

His terms were not immediately released.

Trauma Surgeon Dr. Samuel Kingsley told reporters that an officer with a wound on the left side of the neck was placed on the windpipe and doctors were stabilizing him.

Brown said a suspect was also shot and taken to the hospital. His condition has not been released.

Brown said the shooting occurred at 9:40 a.m. as officers tried to take the suspect – described as a violent car-jacking criminal – into custody outside a police station on the northwest side, Brown said.

On June 26, officers spotted a car in the city. According to Brown, the gunfire began as soon as the suspects were taken into custody. “Officers ran into the back of this car, identified it as that car driver, stopped the car, detained the suspect and then moved the rest of the people,” Brown said.

Brown said investigators were still trying to sort out the details of the collision.

“I want to emphasize the inherent dangers that these and all Chicago police officers experience every day, every day, the safety of Chicago residents,” said the Superintendent of Police.

“When they leave home, they leave their loved ones and put on their stars and risk everything. They risk everything to protect all of us.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot via Twitter asked city residents to join in prayer for the authorities.

“Today is a reminder of the danger that the men and women of our police department face every day when they put on their uniforms and leave their homes,” he wrote.

“This is the sacrifice they make to serve and protect our city and fellow residents.”

President Donald Trump said last week that he planned to implement federal law in Chicago and other cities, in his words, “all liberals are run by Democrats,” to clamp down on violence.
Lightfoot said the government could help crack down on illegal guns, but warned against the type of involvement seen in Portland, Oregon, where the presence and aggressive tactics of federal law enforcement have drawn criticism from the city’s mayor and The crowd has expressed their displeasure at the protest. Racial inequality and police brutality.
On July 21, the day after Trump’s announcement, police said 15 people were shot at a funeral held in Chicago for the victim of the first drive-to shooting.
The shooting was the latest in a case of gun violence in Chicago and other major US cities over the past few months that coincided with the end of the Kovid-19 lockdown, mass protests against police brutality and the arrival of summer, when crime annually Increases.


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