Three cardinals to see how Arizona looks to straighten the boat.

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The cardinals are on notice. They will have as many goals in 2019 as they did in 2018.

You'll find them on the back of Kliff Kingsbury, Steve Keim and whoever appears as the team's No. 1 quarterback.

It begins with Kingsbury, who will turn 40 in August; he has no experience in professional coaching; he was promoted to the top of the NFL after being fired from Texas Tech; Represents a crazy trend, a glorified game caller delivered one of the 32 toughest jobs in the United States, shaking the old network at its core.

Kingsbury is expected to launch a sparkling offense, one that puts the opposing coordinators on notice and the NFL defenses on their heels. It should resemble the success of Sean McVay, a 33-year-old head coach who has already been to the Super Bowl. If Kingsbury fails, the bottom will fall out of the tub. It will not be nice

That's because Kingsbury is the antithesis of a guy like Bruce Arians, who waited until he was 60 for his first job as head coach. There are gray-haired types of the NFL who would love to see these kidnappers exposed and eliminated. Like Saints coach Sean Payton, who once crossed the picket line to get to the NFL, he said he looked forward to matching the wit with some of these impersonator hiring.

The saints will receive the cardinals in 2019.

The second objective will be used by your franchise field marshal. If the Cardinals stay with Josh Rosen, he will be under great pressure to ascend. The odds are in your favor. The research shows that quarterbacks taken with the 2014-2017 first round picks improved with 57 wins and 161 touchdown pbades collectively in their second season. In other words, testing the experience can do wonders for smart quarterbacks like Rosen.

But his mission would change dramatically if he retains work in Arizona. He entered the league, determined to deny the teams that selected the quarterbacks ahead of him. In 2019, he might have to show that the Cardinals were right to stay with him, that he is a better NFL quarterback than Murray, regardless of the system.

On the other hand, if the Cardinals select Murray, the diminutive quarterback will have to prove himself to a tough crowd. David Johnson already expressed his preference for the owner, saying: "I like Josh." Rosen cultivated great respect from her behavior in 2018, dispelling the myths of distance and right. He took the heat, the blows and never threw his teammates under a bus.

NFL players are not easily impressed, but this is where Rosen moved the meter in 2018. He did not have much success on the field, but he won the room. Former Cardinals defender Markus Golden signed to play for the Giants and had no reason to participate in the current situation, but he did everything possible to call Rosen a "great player and player."

It is clear that Murray could inherit a skeptical audience, a group that believes that his former field marshal was eliminated from work.

It's nothing that Murray can not overcome, but the air can be thicker than anticipated.

Finally, Keim.

The GM was never in danger of losing his job after a 3-13 season. His relationship with Michael Bidwill is too strong. He did too many good things during his badociation with Arians. He has his heart in his sleeve and has made his way down from the ground floor.

But as of now, Keim is officially on the clock. If Kingsbury does not have the voice or skills to command and force a small army of men, day after day, without failure, for six months, this could get ugly. If your hand-picked badistants lose faith in their novice leader, the scene could be an insult to garbage fires. And despite all that danger, Kingsbury is the least of Keim's worries.

This is:

If Keim makes the wrong decision as a field marshal, and whoever discards becomes instant superstardom elsewhere, it could do more than hurt the franchise for a decade. Keim could ruin his legacy in Arizona forever.

That would be a cruel turn. And that's why the game can be scary at its highest level, especially for GMs with weak stomachs.

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