Thoughts about the “Weinstein Effect”


What will be the final result of the "Weinstein effect"? The theme appears wherever you go. I have had, and I heard, many different thoughts. Here are some of mine.

Thousands of women have reported unwanted badual advances, commotions and badaults. Let's not confuse the problem. The problem is unwanted badual behavior not consensual relationships, including workplace issues. The problem is a person with power taking advantage of someone without power. Usually, but not always, the person with power is male.

Men who have objectified women for eons. In the last five decades, women have become or have sought to become paired with men in professions and workplaces previously dominated by men. Women, in large numbers for the first time, reached positions of power. Much of the attention to the subject of harbadment is found in these professional and commercial relationships between men and women.

Many public figures have been accused of mistreating one or more women. Some men (Senator Franken) have acknowledged their behavior and have apologized. Some of them (like Charlie Rose) have lost their jobs and face public shame. Others (do I need names?) Have simply denied it, calling their accusers liars and the accusations "false news." In a situation that involves a man and a woman, we must decide what to believe. When a man denies the affirmations of several women, it is distressing to see people choose to believe the man and discount what several women say. That aggravates the insult to women!

The number of women who report abuse is so great that some will accuse the accusers of "getting in the car". Even if a percentage of the claims is "coming on board", the point is that the problem is real and widespread There is an inevitable reaction, and we can end up with (more) tensions and mistrust between the bades. Men who have mistreated women or women in the past are probably worried that their victim or victims will show up, and that they might face shame and embarrbadment (like Roger Ailes and Charlie Rose). Men who have never mistreated a woman may fear being accused and thus avoid being in any situation where an accusation is possible. This could deprive women of important collegial relationships, tutoring and information.

I'm more curious to see where this is going. Like similar scandals in the past, this could simply evaporate and not change anything. It could do as much harm as improving the advancement and equality of women. Or it could be a turning point. The size and depth of the problem is now on the table. We see it Then we can now commit to change it. Men can commit themselves (using the words of Al Franken), "to be much more careful and sensitive". Women can commit to speaking and making sure it is clear that "no" means "no".

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