Thomas Middleditch charged with sexual misconduct

Thomas middleditch

Thomas middleditch
Photo: Allen berezovsky (fake images)

Silicon Valley Actor Thomas Middleditch has been charged with sexual misconduct in exclusive (and deceased) Hollywood gothic club cape and dagger. On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times reported on the allegations that led to the closure of Cloak & Dagger, involving several women—including staff, detailing abuse and assault at the hands of Cloak & Dagger members and guests, whose reports were repeatedly ignored or downplayed by co-founders Adam Bravin and Michael Patterson.

Former Cloak & Dagger member Hannah Harding detailed a Alarming experience with Middleditch that occurred on October 22, 2019, saying he approached her on the dance floor. According to Harding, he made “lewd sexual advances” toward her and his girlfriend. Despite rejecting it, he took his actions further, touching her in front of his friends and Cloak & Dagger’s COO Kate Morgan. Morgan told The times who asked Bravin and Patterson to kick Middleditch out of the club, but they dismissed his concerns. Following the incident, Harding received Instagram direct messages from Middleditch, which were viewed by The times, saying, “Hannah, I had no idea my actions were so weird to you … I know you probably want to blast me like a monster … I don’t expect you to want to be my friend or anything … I’m so ashamed that I made you feel uncomfortable. “

This is not the only supposed instance of middleditch misconduct in Cloak & Dagger. Harding said The times that she saw it grope other woman without consent, but the owners of the club did not act again. Bravin approached her shortly after, but did not apologize for not taking her concerns seriously. Instead, he called her “to make sure and get a second opinion because he didn’t trust [her] story first. “According to The times, a representative for Middleditch declined a request for comment.


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