This year’s flu numbers are like stunning

– It can be hard to fathom, but the epidemic seems to reverse: the flu is much higher this year. popular Science Remarkable Statue: In 2019, the US reported 65,000 cases from late September to late December. In 2020, the figure was reduced to 1,000. It seems that people are taking all precautions to avoid COVID — masks, social disturbances, indoor social activities, etc. — are also working to keep the flu at bay. Also, flu shots are up. Researchers are also studying the theory that some sort of complex interaction between COVID and the flu is at play. As, the virus behind COVID can increase people’s immune levels against the flu, per Wall Street Journal. However, more research is needed to understand that possibility.

“This is a very surprising phenomenon,” says pediatrician Norio Sugaya, who sits on the World Health Organization’s Influenza Committee. “We are in a historical, incredible position.” It’s not just in the US: the number of flu is the same worldwide. This trend began in Australia and in the rest of the Southern Hemisphere, where flu cases typically peak between June and August. Smithsonian. The big question is what happens when the COVID is gone. As Science Explains, one fear is that the flu will get stronger next season because very few people have got it this year. But this can be reduced if people adopt the COVID security protocol more permanently or perhaps make more points to get their flu shots. The flu usually kills thousands of people worldwide, and “we need to ask ourselves if we are going to continue this in the future,” told virologist Tetsuya Mizutani magazine. (Read more flu stories.)


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