This stunning spiral galaxy is mesmerizing on the Hubble Space Telescope – image 9 hours of observation time

Spiral Galaxy NGC 5643

Credit: ESA / Hubble and NASA, A. Rees et al. Courtesy: Mahdi Zamani

By this stunning image NASA/ Esa Hubble Space Telescope The constellation of Lupus (Wolf) contains the spiral galaxy NGC 5643. It is not easy to see this good; Thirty different exposures, along with Hubble’s high resolution and clarity for a total of 9 hours of observation time, were necessary to create such a high level of detail and image of beauty.

NGC 5643 is about 60 million light years away from Earth and has recently been the host of a supernova event (not visible in this latest image). This supernova (2017cbv) was a typical variant in which A. White dwarf A companion steals so much mass from the star that it becomes unstable and explodes. A large amount of energy is released from the explosion and it illuminates that part of the galaxy.

The observation was proposed by Adam Rees, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2011, along with Saul Permarter and Brian Schmidt for their contributions to the discovery of the accelerated expansion of the Universe.

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