This snail venom could restore unhealthy blood sugar levels, according to a new study

"Nature is the best medicine" takes on a whole new meaning after scientists have discovered a type of snail that contains the balance venom of blood sugar.

For years, scientists have been trying to develop rapid-acting insulin for type 1 diabetics, and a study published on Tuesday in eLife he discovered that three different types of conical snails released fast-acting insulin poison to kill their prey.

Insulin contains two segments called A and B chains. Chain B is needed to activate the body's insulin receptors and lower blood sugar, but in manufactured insulin, the time for the diabetes medication to take effect decreases . This can be a problem for type 1 diabetics who need rapid-acting insulin.

Researchers at the University of Utah Health studied the insulin composition of cone snails, and found that none of them contained the B chain. Interested in how this insulin might affect blood sugar levels, they injected the poison in zebrafish and type 1 diabetic mice and found that not only did the blood sugar decrease rapidly and effectively, but it also activated insulin receptors, which can also be found in humans.

"We hope to use what we learn to find new approaches to treating diabetes," said Helena Safavi-Hemami, Ph.D., badistant professor of biochemistry and lead author of the article in a statement.

Although more research is needed to develop rapid-acting insulin, the sequences found in conical snail venom could be a clear indication of where to start. This news could have significant implications for type 1 diabetics who are dependent on insulin and have to be injected daily with slow-acting insulin.

While type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, type 2 diabetes is often the result of poor diet and obesity, which can cause the pancreas to stop doing its job and high blood sugar levels. . There are many ways to reduce your blood sugar naturally and may prevent you from having blood sugar problems and type 2 diabetes in the future. In addition to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, the balance of blood sugar is essential for things like weight regulation and mood balance.

If you suspect you may have a blood sugar problem, you can do laboratory tests to check for signs that your blood sugar is out of control or your insulin resistance is developing. Whether or not you know exactly how healthy your blood sugar levels are, you can ventilate on the side of caution and include balanced foods of blood sugar such as healthy fats, matcha tea and cinnamon in your diet.

After this wild discovery, we are confident that the development of new drugs for insulin is not moving at the speed of a snail (sorry).

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