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He's coming …

All the Indian admirers & # 39; Marvel & # 39 ;, attention! A big announcement regarding Avengers: Infinity War has been withdrawn by Disney India. And this will surely make all the Indians go crazy!

The long-awaited and definitive climax film in the MCU will be released in India, before it officially opens in the United States! Avengers: Infinity War will arrive earlier in the country on April 27 th 2018, than the American release of May 4 th !

Yes, that is officially true and it has been revealed by Bikram Duggal, Director of Studio Entertainment, Disney India, who said: "With every title, the popularity and follow-up of Marvel superhero fans has grown exponentially in The country Through the unique narrative, action adventure, quirky humor and superlative content, Marvel films are among the most anticipated in India "

. Duggal explained in detail the motive of this great announcement: "And the first look at the trailer quadrupled the expectations and the response." With so much love and anticipation around "Avengers: Infinity War", we decided to make the special film for the fans of India releasing it a week before its premiere in the United States ",

And now that it's not a surprise that the trailer of the film has already reached the record of the highest number of reproductions in its first 24 hours of launch, with a brand of about 230 million copies, it is simply amazing to see such anticipation and great madness.

Directed by brothers Russo, Joe and Anthony, Infinity War will be the official presentation of Thanos (played by actor Josh Brolin), who comes to knead all infinite stones !

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