This ‘Nasdaq whale’ may have helped trigger the stock-market ruthless situation

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According to a report by the Financial Times (paywall), a seismic stock-market slump triggered Thursday and Friday erased several weeks of gains for the Fruity US stock market. See full story

Another coronavirus support package is probably ‘not happening’ after the August jobs report and deal to avoid government shutdown, analyst says

According to some analysts, Friday’s jobs report raises the possibility that Washington will not offer another large coronovirus aid package. An agreement to avoid a federal government shutdown may also hurt opportunities for an agreement on aid. See full story

The AstraZeneca vaccine is most likely to ‘roll out in the UK’ early next year

Britain reported 2,988 new coronovirus cases on Sunday, its highest number since 23 May. View full story

Virology experts say the key is protecting Spain’s hospitals from being overwhelmed by COVID-19 this time

How Spain pulls out of the coronovirus The second wave can be a blueprint for other countries and cities. See full story

European shares rise, US tech slowdown

European stocks rose on Monday, deviating from the US after a week in the markets. See full story

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Two papers presented on Monday at the European Respiratory Society International Congress examined patients who were suffering after coronovirus health. See full story


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