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This link will block the Messages application on your iPhone – BGR

In recent years, a new strange phenomenon has arisen that involves links or chains of characters capable of blocking applications and devices. One of the first widely publicized examples came in the form of the "effective power" failure in early 2015. When iPhone users received a certain string of characters through a text message, their phones automatically blocked and they restarted. This week, a similar error began to make the rounds online.

Discovered for the first time by the jailbreak developer Abraham Masri the new error (called "chaiOS") can cause crashes, frosts and more in both iOS and macOS. Masri's warning in his tweet "do not use it for bad things" is not a joke: several people who could not resist discovering what would happen are shouting about it in their answers.

While some users were not affected when clicking on link, 9to5Mac was able to replicate the problems, such as blocking the application of messages both on the sender and on the recipient's devices. Returning to the subject in Messages that contained the link, the application was blocked continuously, forcing both parties to eliminate the thread.

Other problems included the Safari failure and the "dramatic delay" in the Messages application in iOS and macOS. Masri did not explain what causes the link to have such a dramatic effect, but this is not the first error of this kind and probably not the last. chaiOS seems to affect all the latest public versions of iOS and macOS, as well as some beta versions. If you want to see it in action desperately, the link can be found in the embedded tweet below (but be prepared to face the consequences). And, for God's sake, do not send it to an unsuspecting friend.

Apple has not yet issued any kind of response, but expects the error to be addressed in a future update. That said, chaiOS does not pose a serious or immediate threat to the stability of the affected device, so it could be a while.

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