This is why mosquitoes feast on human blood

According to newly published research, mosquitoes have a taste for human blood, as our blood is “salty and sweet”.

The study, published in the scientific journal Neuron, states that female mosquitoes have two different feeding modes, one containing nectar that detects sugars and one that pierces the skin and feeds on blood like a syringe is.

The study co-authored Leslie Washhall and other researchers offering four compounds: glucose, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate (which is found in the blood and baking soda and adenosine triphosphate) to get mosquitoes into “blood-feeding mode”. Were able to , Or ATP. ATP has no flavor, but Vosshall said it can be “exciting” for mosquitoes.

Scientists used an imaging mechanism called a bitcoin to observe mosquitoes’ preferences for different food. New research shows how insects experience the taste of blood. (Sincerely: Prakash Lab)

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“ATP is this special secret ingredient that tastes nothing to humans. “It is incredibly exciting and beneficial for the mosquito,” Washhall said in a statement.

Researchers were able to change the pests slightly and give them a fluorescent glow to see when a particular nerve cell was activated and see how the cells reacted and lit up to different food.

“There is nothing like this in human experience,” Voshal said.

Researchers hope that by understanding why mosquitoes feed on human blood, a drug can be made that can stop dry insects from feeding on us, Voshal said, something similar to a dog flea and tick medicine Neither can be made.

“If mosquitoes were not able to detect the taste of blood, in theory they could not transmit the disease”, said HHMI Gilliam Fellow of Rockefeller University and Veronica Jove, the study’s lead author.

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Blood sucking insects, which spread diseases such as malaria, dengue and yellow fever, are responsible for at least 500,000 deaths a year. Only female mosquitoes nourish blood, use it as a livelihood for the development of their eggs.

Neuroscientist Chris Potter of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said, “This is definitely a technical tour de force, the statement said it is one” we can use against mosquitoes. ”

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