This is what the Japanese really think about Marie Kondo

It is hard to find any fault in everyone's favorites. kawaii ordination expert, Marie Kondo. His approach to cleanliness, nicknamed the "KonMari" method, makes people around the world organize their living spaces to arouse joy and rush to the nearest second-hand store to unload their trash.

When her Netflix series "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" debuted on January 1 this year, Kondo's popularity skyrocketed and with it the creative internet comedy, which resulted in some truly excellent Marie Kondo jokes like this:


And that:

Screenshot 2019-01-18 to 8.32.55.png

Marie Kon-who?

A marked difference between the response in Japan compared to the foreigner is that, well, nobody seems to care here. There is little coverage in the media and online chat is limited; Most Japanese do not seem to be caught in the hype.

Exploring the Japanese Twitter more thoroughly, the few reactions to Marie Kondo at first showed a confused surprise at her success abroad.

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