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  • Black panther 2 Chadwick would be a difficult Marvel film to make in light of Bosman’s untimely death.
  • Disney and Marvel have not revealed how the sequel will deal with the loss of the beloved actor, but fans are already asking studios not to play the role of T’Challa again.
  • Black panther 2 It is currently scheduled for release on May 6, 2022, but that release date will undoubtedly be delayed in light of the coronavirus epidemic and Bosman’s passing.

The news of Chadwick Bosman’s death after battling cancer for four years shocked the world a few weeks ago. Few people knew that the actor was fighting a terrible illness when he was shooting some of his most iconic films, black Panther from them. A few days ago a report said that Bosman hoped he would get better, and would have started preparing Black panther 2 this month. The sequel is not officially included in Phase 4, as Marvel announced Black panther 2 Separate with an initial release date of May 6, 2022. Factors such as the novel coronovirus epidemic and Bosman’s untimely death may force Disney to delay the film and give more time to deal with the loss. Marvel has few options at its disposal, but it is too early to address the matter publicly. Fans, however, already think how they know Black panther 2 Should proceed.

One of the obvious choices would be to recreate a different actor as T’Challa / Black Panther. But it is unlikely that fans will appreciate such a move. It would be incredibly difficult for a different actor to accept the role. Bosman is T’Challa, and his Black Panther should be honored by not giving a part to a different actor, even if Bosman has issues for Marvel’s plans. This character was also to appear in other crossovers in the future, not only black Panther The sequel.

The alternative for Marvel is to hand over the Black Panther to someone else. T’Challa’s sister Shuri is the most obvious choice. Starring Letitia Wright, the character made an impression in the first film and she appeared in both Infinity war And Endgame. He could easily become the new Black Panther in the upcoming Avengers lineup. After all, Shuri is considered Black Panther in the comics, and Marvel may have made a move in this direction in the future as well. Marvel could always try to make things interesting and become someone else’s Black Panther until it took over Shuri. As SyFy Explains, Shuri’s path to becoming a Black Panther is not a straightforward journey in comics.

Whatever Marvel chooses to do, they still have to explain what happened to T’Challa. The character was alive at the end of EndgameWilling to lead Wakanda after a five-year absence. Marvel can cause the character to die or disappear off-screen. Another option is to watch Black Panther die during some action scenes at the beginning of the sequel.

Post-death scene in a separate film, which precedes Black panther 2 Can provide an even better exit to the king. As we already know, T’Challa is quite a skilled black panther and a formidable adversary. The Black Panther will have to be quite formidable as the villain to kill. After Black Panther died in a post-credits scene close to the sequel’s release, Marvel could honor Bosman’s epic representation of T’Challa and advance the story. The scene following the credits will not only help create the arc of a new villain, but it will also prepare Shuri to take over as the leader of her people in the sequel.

It would also not require T’Challa’s digital entertainment, which would be a controversial decision. Bosman’s regular stunt double Black Panther could handle the action, and we didn’t even get to see T’Challa’s face nor listen to any dialogue. It will be a heart-wrenching moment that the audience will not expect and will give them a chance to say goodbye before Boseman’s teaser. Black panther 2 Premiere.

Speculation aside, Marvel has a way of honoring Bosman’s Teachala and advancing Black Panther.

Of course, fans have already taken to social media and asked Disney not to recast Bosman’s role, reports Looper. Others started online petitions, asking Marvel not to repeat T’Chella and instead turn Shuri into Black Panther for the sequel:

Chadwick Boseman can never be replaced. He is the Black Panther. No actor should take this role in light of his devastating passing. Shuri should take the mantra of Black Panther, as he has done in the comics. Please reclaim Black Panther II as a tribute to this incredible man.

With all this, it is unclear how the Black Panther will be central to the MCU’s overall storyline in light of Bosman’s demise. But the superhero can still show up in a wide variety of crossovers, regardless of who is to wear the Black Panther armor and lead Wakanda.

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