‘This Is Us’ Season 5 – Kevin and Randall’s Fight Will Run for a while

Each season of NBC this is us Plays out almost in real time: We see Pearson’s life through the spring, then reunite a few months later in both our lives and theirs. Going to season 5 means Seminal events of the Summer 2020 – the boom of the Black Lives Matter movement, international protests of police vandalism, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – may have played off-screen … but we’ll definitely see their presence in the life of the Pearson family show. Artists and producers say.

Sterling K. “It’s a unique approach for someone like Randall, who always questions his identity, but never denies the fact that he knows he is black,” Brown told reporters. ‘Two-hour season premieres Tuesday (9 / 8c). “But the way he was raised and the conversation in his home is not necessarily representative of the conversation he wants to have with his children, was not it happens. ”

On that note, “Randall has a very interesting low-to-Jesus moment in these first two episodes that we’ll see on Tuesday that I think is fascinating,” he said.

Brown – as well as her co-stars Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Susan Kelechi Watson, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley and Chris Sullivan and executive producer Dan Fogelman – spoke to reporters on Friday as part of the NBC-hosted panel. In addition to this How will Randall’s family handle the events of the last seven monthsConversations include other Season 5-relevant topics, including:

More real-life foregoing | Moore did not consult Fogelman when planning to start a family, he said, laughing, but both the actress and the EP said that her current pregnancy would not affect Rebecca’s storyline this season. “We have not really adjusted our plan. We’re just going to do the right thing to Mande … to go, “he said with a laugh:” I mean there might be a brief period, though, where you don’t see a lot of old Rebecca show up, because she Something to do would be deemed really complicated. ”

The Battle of Kevin and Randall | Fierson said the Pearson brothers’ fight would continue well into the season. “It’s a fight that’s been going on for 40 years between these two boys, and now the men, who grew up in the same house … it’s in front and center of our premiere, and it’s in front of our show and The center will be there for a little bit. “Hartley said that” when you have these kinds of fights, sometimes there is an incident to bring people back. ” (Concerned side note: This “incident” couldn’t possibly be the imminent death of Rebecca that followed all those flash-forward years … could it be?)

Location, location, location | When the Big Three are in the cabin at the premiere, they prepare to settle down. “We’re spending a lot of time in the family cabin this year, design-wise,” Fogelman previewed.

Assessment of the end? | When pressed about whether Season 6 would be the show’s swan song, as Fogelman has said in the past, the EP laughed heartily. “NBC doesn’t like when I … I fall through the floor if I really talk about it,” he joked. Still, “our plans have not changed for the show,” he said. “My plan hasn’t changed.”

In addition to everything listed above, season 5 of the play will dig into Randall’s past on Matter “re-connected to the family,” Sterling Kay. Brown told TVLine earlier in 2020. (In a recent promo, the poor man is also surprised if the date he celebrates as his birthday is a lie.) The upcoming episode will also turn into one of those reasons, as Kate originally described food as a coping mechanism Started using “because she’s been through something we don’t even know yet,” previewed Krissy Metz.

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