‘This Is Us’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 11 – ‘Both Can Be True’

It’s time for us the collective We are Audience, give Miguel Rivas a fucking break.

Sure, it’s fun to roll over on him. I’ve definitely done it more than once. But Rebecca’s husband shows up repeatedly, worries a lot and gets things done, and half the time, he does it with a 70s bang that would make Farrah Fawcett envious.

This week’s episode isn’t so much a showcase for Jack’s best friend as a reminder that he was by no means waiting for Jack to kick him just so he could walk in and duel Rebecca in love. Instead, he’s a decent guy who helped ease the enormous tension between young Pearson and Rebecca’s father the day Rebecca and Jack got engaged. And he likes small plates!

Read on for the “Both Can Be True” highlights.

WHO IS THE BEST MAN? (PART I) | In a flashback, Jack prepares to ask Rebecca to marry him. She has a great plan to turn her apartment into a carnival, with candy apples and twinkling lights, to recreate her first date. Miguel helps him prepare the place and encourages him to practice the proposal, which includes props. Everything is going well … until Jack puts Rebecca’s ring on Miguel’s little finger and it gets stuck.

Of course, that’s the time when Rebecca’s father shows up to tell Jack, in person, that while he will not bless the marriage, he will do his best to be civil. Jack is willing to accept that, but Miguel is not. “That’s not good enough,” he says, beginning a speech about what a great guy Jack is and how much he has done to become a better partner for Rebecca. And if Mr. Malone can’t bless the union, “he says a lot more about you than he does about him.” Rebecca’s father seems to reconsider, then announces that he knows a trick to remove the ring that involves flossing.

This is us recap season 5 episode 12WHO IS THE BEST MAN? (PART II) | Kevin wants to ask Randall to be his best man, but he can’t seem to write the email asking him to do so. Meanwhile, Miguel’s planning of Kevin and Madison’s rehearsal dinner angers Nicky, who intervenes and says he wants to help. What he really wants to do is criticize Miguel about how he robbed Rebecca after Jack’s death. “It just doesn’t suit me,” Nicky says. “My brother takes me out of his life, replaces me with you, and you come, jump in and marry his wife.”

For the second time in this episode, Miguel will not get involved with nonsense. He points out that he and Rebecca were married 13 years after Jack’s death. And while he’s on the subject: “There’s only one person I owe an explanation to and that’s the one person I can never give one to. I certainly don’t owe you one. “

Later, Nicky calls to apologize, and Miguel makes something clear: “He never replaced you, Nicky.” He adds that Jack asked him to stand up at his wedding, but “he couldn’t call me his best man, because I think deep down, somewhere, he was saving that place for you.” Guys, I think these two will become friends!

Kevin calls Randall, unaware that his brother has spent part of the day in a deeply moving group therapy session for transracial adoptees. Still, Randall happily agrees to be Kevin’s godfather, but he’s not ready to TALK that they postponed the night the babies were born. Kev fully understands this, and instead suggests they have it in person once they are both vaccinated. This surprises Randall, but he agrees.

this-is-us-recap-season-5-episode-12I could have danced all night | Kate starts her new job at school, but her co-worker (immediate boss?) Philip (played by You are the worstChris Geere) is less than impressed with her. He makes it clear that she is unqualified for the job and was not at the top of his list, but that someone taller made it clear that he was going to get the position. But when he helps a young singer open her performance of “Could have danced all night” by telling her the story of My beautiful ladyPhilip seems slightly impressed.

this-is-us-recap-season-5-episode-12TRIP ON NEW GROUND | Alex, Tess’s more than friend, comes over to “study”, but when Beth sees the couple at a close moment (with the door closed!), She asks them both to go downstairs and study on the couch. So Tess calls her mom a “psycho” and Beth sends Alex home. It all starts an argument in which Tess makes her mother feel terrible for not being able to easily shake off the heteronormative fantasy she had about Tess growing up and marrying a man. Beth regrets to her mother who thought she would put all that aside. “It is more than just letting go. You have to adjust, ”says Mama C, gently suggesting that Beth adjust sooner rather than later. “Time is so precious. You blink and your daughter has grown up, and you’re locked in her house trying to make up for 20 years of not adjusting. “

When Beth tries to smooth things over with Tess later, Tess twists the knife the way only teenagers can. “I know you are trying. I also know not have to try Annie or Deja, ”he says. “That makes me sad.” And when Beth insists they’re still around and things aren’t terrible, Tess says, “It’s okay, Mom,” in that “It’s okay, Boomer” way that’s just as infuriating and heartbreaking.

THE CASE OF THE EX | At the end of the episode, we see three people picking up copies of a gossip magazine that has news of Kevin and Madison’s engagement on the cover, and they are all women Kevin has dated and / or connected with: Zoe, Cassidy ( which was back in the last episode and therefore less surprising) and Sophie. Of the three, only Sophie seems a bit melancholic upon hearing the announcement.

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