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  • Launched in early September, space drama away Quickly topped Netflix’s ranking, becoming one of the most popular shows on the streaming service.
  • away Will tell the story of mankind’s imminent journey to Mars and the human toll. This is not an action-adventure that some science-fan might want, but it provides a fair share of stress-inducing action.
  • Netflix, starring Hilary Swank and Josh Charles, has not been renewed for a second season, but it is undoubtedly a story worthy of more episodes.

I didn’t need the novel coronavirus epidemic to keep up with most new releases on streaming services, especially given that I have a great excuse. Everything I should launch should look “for work”. But the health crisis allowed me to catch up with the TV show, which I had previously postponed, and tried a lot of everything else coming this year.

I had new netflix away The space drama on my list from the moment I first saw the trailer, and now that I’ve finished season one, I realize that this is the show I want Netflix to renew for another season.

I already had some prejudices before moving to the new TV show. On the one hand, I already knew that those who expected it to be a fast-paced sci-fi TV series were quickly disappointed. On the other hand, I did a lot of training with this particular type of space film. I had already seen and enjoyed similar concepts, such as the TV series First of all Love more movies Martian, Gravity, And ad Astra.

But i was hoping away To be like them. It turns out that not only does away Fall into the same category; It is also very topical. This is a prelude to the things that will come in the near future, humanity’s first visit to Mars, and all this drama and the excitement surrounding it. And if you’re into this type of sci-fi story inspired by a familiar universe, you’ll love away From the first episode to the very end. Just wait for that first spacewalk that happens to be one of the most climatic scenes in a TV series I’ve seen in a while. Without spoiling what happens, let me tell you that I was not expecting to feel my heart racing, because two out of five astronauts were performing a simple task.

what makes away Addiction is the duality of the story. Again, this is nothing lost in Space Wherever adventure goes. For ten episodes, we’ve been watching a five-man crew of Atlas attempting an eight-month journey to Mars, the first humans to set foot on the Red Planet. The team does not just have to face the harsh realities of space and the unexpected failures and errors that can endanger the lives of everyone while attempting to maintain the enthusiasm that humanity strives to do before Was not experienced. This is where the second universe of the story comes.

Each character has their incomplete, untrained-for-space baggage, which settles in their mind at every turn and corner. The actions and decisions aboard the ship, and the development of personal relationships between astronauts, are all influenced by things that happen on Earth or have happened in the past. And from there comes the beauty of the show. Manufacturer of away Manage to completely connect the location of the story and the sides of the Earth, to add more nuances to time and every line in space, to add each look and every action.

Add in a great cast of Earth-based characters who have missions related to dealing with their demons and worries, and you end up with a family drama that you won’t put down. Without spoiling anything that happens in those ten episodes, I’d say I’m ready for at least one more season, one that Netflix has to confirm. And this irony does not escape me that I have enjoyed a show where the distance between people plays a central role in the plot, while I myself am socially disturbed.

This said, the story is not necessarily another chapter. There is no big fuss that the shortlist reached the finals to keep us on the edge of our seats until season two. But there are too many small cliffhangers among the various characters in this huge family that can be resolved in the coming episodes.

This does not mean that Netflix will necessarily make a second season, and the epidemic could make it even harder on studios to move forward with such plans. As Sir Explains, it cost $ 6 million per episode to make the series, a larger budget for the TV series. Also for Netflix. Then, away Netflix topped the rankings because it premiered a few weeks ago, so Netflix would have a pretty good idea of ​​what similar investments are made.

Regardless of whether Netflix goes for season two or not, there is potential for at least one more season. Producer Andrew Hinder recently revealed that there is no news of season two, but he had always planned a multi-season show:

There is no news in this regard whether we know that there will be future seasons, but the plan was always for a multi-season arc. The intention was always to start the first season and how we ended the first season. But we were always interested in that trip because of the show being called away, and what happens when they get home. This is the phenomenon among astronauts, it is very fascinating, where the house becomes space, and they feel back home. And, of course, this is amplified in a mission to Mars where you’ve been gone for three years. When you come back you are truly different people.

If you are going to space films about Mars, there is a way to make things interesting. Hulu First of all Mostly focused on preparing astronauts for the voyage. away Handles travel, and Martian Deals with one of the worst possible things an astronaut might be prepared to return to Earth. Far 2 Will definitely complement this story with a heavy dose of life on Mars.

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