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This is the reason why your next wireless speaker will hear every word

  Sonos One

Smart speakers are here to stay

Sarah Tew / CNET

There will come a day, and probably very soon, where almost all independent speakers will have a voice-operated assistant inside it. In the same way that most of today's televisions have "intelligence" integrated in the form of video transmission applications, the "intelligent speakers" will simply be the default ones, and will offer audio and music applications to voice and voice calls. his voice.

In CES 2018 there was a series of new models announced with the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or a mixture of both. From JBL Link View to Polk Command Bar to Klipsch's The One, most audio brands had at least one speaker on the screen. And the list will only grow and goes far beyond traditional audio brands.

In Playback:
Look at this:

Sonos One is the best smart speaker that can …


As an audio reviewer at CNET, I'm particularly focused on sound quality for music, so I'm excited to see that these speaker manufacturers offer better alternatives to Eco and Google Home speakers, not to mention the terrible music Echo Dot and Google Home Mini . My current favorite, the Sonos One is a great example of the independent smart speaker done well, and the competition from other audio companies, or even smart speakers with sound like the Google Home Max, is definitely a good thing .

Even for people who want good audio, the convenience of being able to request a song or an artist by name is powerful. It is enough, for example, to force almost all loudspeaker manufacturers to follow the example of Sonos, and register with one of the two main digital assistants. But what does it mean to have Alexa and Google in everything?

Economical, convenient and capable

Like Smart TV, a big reason why voice aids will be so widespread is that they are not prohibitively expensive to add. We recently spoke with a manufacturer who told us that it costs about $ 10 to add an "intelligent" microphone to each speaker.

As technology improves and the price goes down, having an assistant on board should not be a great extra cost to the consumer. Even now, the Sonos One smart speaker has the same price as the "dumb" Play: 1 replaces. Second, smart speakers have a clear benefit for us as consumers. Do you want to know what time it is? Or do you find your phone? Only one "Alexa" remains.

If you want to see where we see the future of the wireless speakers in the direction, look at the humble headphones. The microphone of a portable headset game has become so ubiquitous that most people simply forget about them. You buy a portable headset and the microphone is integrated directly into the cable.

The same is likely to occur with portable and desktop speakers; eventually everyone will get microphones. There are not only the table speakers the microphones: for example, Polk Command Bar brings a [Echo Dot]
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