This is the OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition you can not buy – BGR –

This is the OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition you can not buy – BGR


OnePlus has just launched a new flagship, just a few months after launching its first high-end phone of the year. The OnePlus 5T is basically a OnePlus 5 with a full screen design, which makes it the most exciting version of the two.

If you already received your OnePlus 5T when it was launched a few days ago, you can reconsider that decision, especially if you are in India. OnePlus is about to star in the sale of Star Wars OnePlus 5T limited edition version that most people can not even buy.

This is not your regular OnePlus rumor either. Everything is confirmed on the OnePlus website. The OnePlus 5T phone Star Wars Limited Edition is real and will be released in India on December 14.

Yes, it's not a coincidence, The Last Jedi the second episode of the third The Star Wars saga debuts on December 15 around the world. What better time for OnePlus to launch the phone than a day before the premiere of the movie?

There's even a video promotion for the phone that combines elements of the latest The Last Jedi trailers with OnePlus 5T jacks to make it look like the phone is part of the movie. It is clear that this is a coordinated marketing movement of Disney-OnePlus. The phone will be available exclusively through Amazon, so there is also that. We have no idea if the phone will ever be launched in other markets.

What we do not yet know is the price of the phone. Sure, it may be more affordable than other flagships, but it's probably more expensive than the normal OnePlus 5T that does not carry Star Wars marks on it.

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