This is the interesting history of Biden’s private jet

If former Vice President Joseph Biden is elected the 46th President of the United States, he will board several government-owned aircraft that are designated Air Force whenever boarding the POTUS.

For some time, he has recently been seen boarding and deplaning from the Boeing 737-59D, which was delivered in 1991, according to Federal Aviation Administration records.

Kaiserair, Inc. Typical configurations for the current operator, charters, according to the website of is 60 seats arranged in a 2 x 2 layout, which is what you get in first class on short-hall domestic airliners. It is also possible that the cabin has been modified, perhaps by adding facing seats, conference tables, and the sides next to it.

Kaiser’s fleet is one of three 737s, specific uses, company-wise, including VIP charters for corporations, athletic teams, families and other large groups.

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Biden’s plane is 109 feet, 9 inches long. In a single class configuration it can hold up to 149 passengers, although Boeing numbers 110 seats in a two-cabin layout.

It is over the original 737, which measured 93 feet, 9 inches. However, it is much less than the MAX 10 at 143 feet, 8 inches, which can carry up to 230 passengers.

While Boeing also makes derivatives of the 737 under the Boeing Business Jet moniker adapted for private jet owners, the Vice President’s aircraft has an interesting history in nearly three decades of flight.

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According to, it was flown to Linzfleg on April 15, 1991, a Swedish domestic carrier which ceased operations in 1993. It then briefly moved to SAS Scandinavian Airlines for two months before finding a home with BMI British Midland Airways. It remained there until early 2001 and then donated the colors of Luxembourg national carrier Luxair. From there it led to CSA Czech Airlines. Beginning in 2009, it spent a year with Aeroflot-Nord before eventually moving to Nordavia Regional Airlines (now Smartavia) and finally moved to Caesareair in 2014.

While this may sound like the 737 Hillary Clinton used for her campaign in 2016, it is not. The former Secretary of State’s version was the An-800 variant, which is 129 feet, 6 inches in length. His airplane also began its life as a passenger jet, first in 2002 with Air Berlin, then Russian airlines Orenair and Correndon Dutch Airlines. Following their campaign, it took over budget carrier Norwegian International and is currently in the former Soviet Union with discount airline RoyalFlight.

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Of course, when it comes to airplanes for passengers, beauty lies under the skin. President Donald J. Trump’s private 757, despite its ritualistic interior, began to take life around ordinary jacobs in service for the simple Danish budget airline Sterling Airways. It also later flew to the Mexican low-cost airline TAESA before converting to a private jet for the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Trump’s previous airliner, the 1968 Boeing 727-200, spent its first 13 years flying for American Airlines.

Undoubtedly, none of the passengers of these new aircraft from Boeing could have ever dreamed that they would have to follow in their footsteps decades later.


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