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The first MCU Phase 4 adventure ended on Friday when Disney + streamed the WandaVision final. The TV show was never supposed to open this adventure phase, but the pandemic forced Marvel to change its schedule. All films were delayed and the first Disney + shows were also postponed due to the health crisis halting several productions. That is how WandaVision It ended up being the first MCU Phase 4 title of the year. The show received a great response from fans, making it the largest show on any streaming service. With each passing week, fans developed more and more theories about the various Easter eggs that Marvel planted in the series. Every detail and every line was analyzed for clues to the big picture.

Episode 9 provided many answers to some of our biggest questions, while leaving others unanswered. Future Marvel shows and movies will likely have at least some of the answers we seek. While the Wanda and Vision storyline was satisfying to watch, some fans might be upset that we didn’t get clearer hooks from the upcoming MCU movies. That’s something that was never intended, and director Mark Shakman made that clear in some interviews that preceded the WandaVision final. Marvel wanted to tell a particular story of loss and love, and WandaVision accomplished that. But Marvel also filmed many other exciting scenes that never made the final cut of all nine episodes. Now, Shakman has revealed some of these tidbits in a podcast with Kevin Smith. Yes indeed, some spoilers follow below if you haven’t seen all nine episodes.

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Shakman was a guest at Smith’s Fatman beyond podcast (via Murphy’s multiverse), where he addressed several questions about the show, explaining how the coronavirus pandemic forced the studio to make changes to the series.

Initially, Marvel wanted to release the first three episodes simultaneously, just as it did with reviewers who had access to those episodes prior to the premiere of Disney +. But Marvel ended up showing only the first two episodes on opening night. The first three episodes focus on the various sitcom-based worlds that Wanda and Vision inhabited. It’s only at the end of the third episode that we see Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) kick Geraldine / Monica (Teyonah Parris) out of the Westview hex. This would have helped with the story on opening night, as fans would have had an idea of ​​where it was headed early on. Some criticized the first two episodes as they did not seem to advance the plot.

However, Marvel was under great pressure to finish the episodes in time for the scheduled release. Shakman explains that they finished the finale just two weeks before the official release date. They would have had to delay the final episode if they stuck with the original three-episode release.

It is also interesting that, at some point, WandaVision was to have had 10 episodes, according to the director:

Well yeah, things were constantly changing and breaking again. The story was changing, especially a lot of the real world stuff and the ending. There was a lot of experimentation and somehow trying different things. Also at one point we had 10 episodes planned and we ended up crashing a couple, you know, just to make the beat feel a little better. But yeah, they were constantly changing and then of course once we finished in Atlanta the pandemic hit and we ended up having months off, so then more changes were made during the post-production process and then ideas came up and little changes happened as we went. we advance. a result.

Interestingly, there was a lot of speculation in recent weeks that WandaVision would have a surprise tenth episode.

Shakman also revealed that the ending would have had a spectacular scene showing how Wanda ended up getting the Darkhold. At some point, Monica would have teamed up with Ralph (Evan Peters), Darcy (Kat Dennings), and the twins to steal the magic book from the basement.

They would have had to beat Scratchy, the rabbit that many people theorized could be Mephisto. According to Shakman, Scratchy would have turned into a nameless demon protecting the Darkhold, but the special effects weren’t finished in time for that scene to be included in the finale. Other special effects were also completed during the coronavirus lockouts, which explains why they may not look as good as we might expect from Marvel Studios.

Shakman, who led the nine WandaVision episodes, it also addressed the aerospace engineer moment that got fans speculating midway through the series. Many people thought that this line was creating Reed Richards, and therefore the Fantastic four. In reality, that moment was conceived only to configure Monica’s transformation into a super powerful being.

It’s unclear if any of those scenes will ever be shown, but Marvel could certainly finish them in the future. Smith’s full podcast is available below:

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