This is the best news for the modern COVID vaccine.

Moderna (Nasdaq: mRNA) In the last few months have announced the good news. The biotech company produced positive results in a Phase 3 trial of its investigative coronavirus vaccine. Then, the US Food and Drug Administration granted the Product Emergency Use Authority permission in the coming weeks. Modern has also signed advance purchase agreements for 2021 representing more than $ 11 billion in revenue. This is a big deal for a company that did not have product revenue a few months ago.

It all looks promising. But there is news that even better. This means that the modern vaccine is possible for long-term use. Ready to find out more? read on.

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A big unknown

A major unknown with respect to all vaccines in development is the period of protection against coronovirus. In cases like modernity and rivalries Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) And Novaxax (NASDAQ: NVAX)Measures to neutralize immunity levels have been strong weeks after vaccination. These are antibodies known to prevent infection. But it is too early to tell whether these antibody levels will remain strong for at least one year.

If antibody levels are significantly reduced, vaccine efficacy also decreases. And if these antibodies disappear completely, the body becomes defenseless. Here’s one possibility researchers have pointed out: a vaccine that results in a strong antibody response for only one or two months. This means that each person will have to be vaccinated several times a year.

In December, Modern provided an optimistic news in a published letter to the editor The New England Journal of Medicine. The company investigated neutralizing antibody levels in 34 Phase I participants three months after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. While levels declined slightly, as expected, they remained high, the company reported. And they were more than cured coronovirus patients.

There was also better news earlier this month. Modern CEO Stephen Banksel said the vaccine “may provide protection for a few years.” This suggests that antibodies predominant for a long time will remain unknown.

Adhunik started clinical trials in March itself. Therefore, it is impossible for the company to conclude this from 12 months or more of test data. But Banksel has slowed down the idea by calling it “antibody decay” in humans vaccinated with the modern vaccine.

A booster shot

Of course, this only applies to modern vaccines. Pfizer’s duration and BioNTechVaccine or rival vaccine candidates are still unclear. Therefore, this news sets modernity ahead of the rest concerning a very important element of modernization. Modern has not yet recommended how often people should receive the vaccine. But the company plans to test the possibility of a booster after one year of vaccination of a person with two doses. The study will begin in July.

Booster’s plans include a shot a year after the initial vaccination – or even two full-dose vaccinations annually – are ideal scenarios. Here are the advantages: These allow enough time for modern-day formulation and dosing. More people can be protected with a certain number of doses if vaccination is done annually rather than every few months.

An annual vaccine also means that health systems have sufficient time to organize the vaccination. And people will be more likely to go for their vaccinations; The longest will not follow through every two months of vaccination.

What does this mean for investors?

This news removes an important element of uncertainty. If Modern’s vaccine only works for a few months, it is disastrous for the company and its stock price – especially if a rival vaccine manufacturer produces long-lasting immunity.

That said, modern is still a risky investment. For now, the biotech company’s revenue and share performance depends on the coronavirus vaccine (its only commercial product.) If something goes wrong, the shares can take a serious fall.

But it is not as risky as it was last year – when the coronavirus virus vaccine program was in its early stages and its mRNA technology was not yet validated. It has passed the constraints of clinical trials, emergency authorization, and now vaccine duration. All this is good news, establishing Modern as a solid player in the coronavirus vaccine market. And that means Modern Stock, which gained more than 400% last year, could be on its way to a second winning year.

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