‘This is America … Trump 2020!’

The San Diego-area barista is speaking calmly in a video about a coronavirus mask regulations and after serving a customer shouting about Black Lives Matter.

Video of Saturday’s incident at a Starbucks in Santi, about 18 miles northeast of San Diego, shows a customer at the counter that had a mask under his chin.

When the video begins, the woman appears in the middle of a sentence and the barista is calmly talking to Alex Bekom, who is Black. “When you talk to me like that, I know it’s because you’re discriminating against me because I’m a Trump supporter,” the customer says. “F — Black Lives Matter. I need a straw.”

19-year-old Becom gives him a straw: “Here you are.”

“Thank you,” the customer says. “And I need sugar, please, raw sugar, like, two packets, please.”

As Beckum brings the packet of sugar to the customer, she says: “Next time you come, I’ll need you to keep the mask on.”

“It’s not a law,” the customer says, his voice growing louder.

“It’s a hoax, I don’t have to wear a mask, I’m not going to wear a mask,” she sighs. “This is America. I don’t have to do what you say! Trump 2020!”

“You need to leave, thanks” Bekom says.

The woman starts walking out of the store, but turns around and yells back through the little Anjar door: “F — Black Lives Matter!”

NBC News has no idea what happened before the events shown in the video.

NBC San Diego reported that the customer allegedly pulled down her mask to talk to another barista.

Bekom told the station that when she told the woman that she would keep the mask at the store, she complied at first, but then pulled it back once more.

Alex Bekom, a Starbucks barista in Santi, California, was scolded by a customer who refused to keep him with a mask on his face.NBC San Diego

He said, “I am Black in America, so I have already dealt with these types of situations, so I am able to remain calm and collected in these types of situations because I do not want to risk my job.”

“Even the President [Covid-19]Beckum said, “I don’t understand how it has happened now that it has turned into a thing or a situation in me, when everyone should come together to make sure we don’t get sick or hurt.” Arrived. “

A Starbucks spokesperson said in a statement, “This behavior is not welcome in our store.

“Our focus right now is assisting our partner, who has demonstrated tremendous performance during a very difficult conversation.”

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