This incredibly beautiful picture of Jupiter will hypnotize you – BGR –

This incredibly beautiful picture of Jupiter will hypnotize you – BGR


To say that 2017 has been strange would be a great understatement. It has been a year full of political unrest, technical errors and security breaches, but through all we have been able to count on NASA to provide some distraction – and, dare I say, relief – with new discoveries of all our Solar System and beyond. The year may be about to end, but the American space agency has not finished surprising us, and a new absolutely incredible photo taken by the Juno spaceship should raise its spirit, if only for a moment.

The image, taken by Juno of the crooked and twisted summits of Jupiter's clouds is a truly impressive sight. Taken at a height of almost 12,000 miles above the iconic storms of the planet, the photo is a reminder that we do not even have to leave the Solar System to see some truly awesome wonders of nature.

"Due to the Juno" Jupiter-Sun Angle when the spacecraft captured this image, higher-altitude clouds can be seen projecting shadows into their environment, "explains NASA on its website." Behavior is more easily observable in the whiter regions of the image, but also in some isolated spots in the lower and right areas of the image. "

The photo was removed on October 24 and was provided to the public through the hosting site of JunoCam images from NASA It was processed by scientific citizens who improved some of the smallest details, and the result is a view of Jupiter's cloud towers that you can watch for an hour without getting bored.

As you can see in All-resolution image (available here) mbadive clouds look like blue milk swirling around in a cup of coffee, obscuring what's underneath Jupiter's climate has always been a one hundred issue incredibly interesting. The Great Red Spot of the planet is a colossal storm that has been lashing the planet for at least 350 years, and probably for much longer. The storm is so big that you could put three Earths inside it.

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