This fishing catch turned into a powerful message against littering


Sadly, it was something far more easily preventable that had caused this creature to suffer.

A fish which was found to have litter wrapped around its middle in Medicine Hat, Alberta

“I was blown away,” said Adam, a 28-year-old carpenter. “I thought the fish had been attacked by another fish until I noticed the plastic.

“My first thought was: how is this alive?”

The injury sustained by a fish which was trapped in litter

But it was alive, albeit presumably in a lot of pain. Adam explained that the plastic was a Powerade wrapper which he believed had been wrapped around the fish for some time.

“At a young age I believe it swam through it unknowingly and it became stuck on the fish, which grew with the obstruction,” he said.

“I removed it with scissors, then I put the fish back and it took off like a dart. I’ve been told by a biologist this fish will likely thrive now.”

Litter that was found wrapped around a fish in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Hopefully it does indeed thrive after having been rescued, and Adam had a message for others after he freed this fish from its plastic prison.

“My message is simple: think twice before you litter,” he said. “Your effects may not be seen to you, but can cause tragedy.”

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