This drunk is inside us and he’s getting creepy

Dear Amy: My boyfriend and I often run into another couple at our favorite watering hole. They are very friendly and seem to like us very much, but they are always absolutely shattered when we see them.

Amy dickinson

The husband will hold on to something and say it over and over again. The last time we ran into them, he kept telling me to stop crossing my arms because it was a defensive position. He even yelled it from across the room.

I am 62 years old and will cross my arms whenever I please. But more seriously, he made some very specific and direct comments about my boyfriend’s body. Yes, my boy is extremely handsome, but this was completely inappropriate and creepy.

I am so thankful that my boyfriend didn’t hear it, but I did.

How can I turn it off if it happens again?

Back off my friend

Dear Friend: Note to you: people who wear beer glasses generally lack depth perception.

Just because this crazy couple clings to you and seems like they like you a lot doesn’t force you to like them in return.


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